• I hope you all are enjoying your Holidays. We've had a great time the past couple of days and I think Ian really enjoyed the whole experience (he is still looking under the tree for unopened presents). Now I just have to throw away all of those toy boxes...

    I don't know about you, but by the day after Christmas I am usually ready for winter to be over. In that spirit I offer "Last Light of the Sun". I hope it will transport you to someplace warm.


  • We took Ian to see Santa Claus for the first time on Wednesday. We thought he would be scared and cry (like I did when I was his age) but he was a little trooper. He told Santa that he wants a red dump truck with a monster on it. The elves had better get busy!

    Anyway, I'm busy working on a post-Christmas wallpaper but I wanted to take time out to wish you all the happiest of Holidays.



  • I've added my second (and probably last) holiday wallpaper of the year. "Silver Bells" is up on the new images page and in the gallery. I hope you like it.

  • I've also fixed the widescreen, dual-screen, and tri-screen galleries so the newest images will be displayed first. They are displayed in order based on when they were added to the gallery, so the older widescreens I added last month are on the first page.


  • Jessie and I took Ian around town a few nights ago to show him the Christmas lights. One house in particular made us stop and hold up traffic for a minute or two. There was a 50 foot fir tree in the front yard decked out with thousands of pretty golden lights. It was simply incredible.

    That scene inspired my first Christmas wallpaper of the year. I call it "Season of Light" and I hope you like it. Once again, my 3 year old computer was only barely able to render the 2560 x 1600 version so I will have to see if a multi-monitor version is possible. Stay tuned.

  • The rest of my Christmas collection can be found by clicking here.



  • I had one last abstract to get out of my system before getting down to the business of making a new Christmas wallpaper. The new render is called "Gnosis" and I hope you like it!


  • The latest version of my CDROM is now available from Cafepress. It includes the entire members gallery with the exception of the Pickle Jar images and the multi-monitor screens. The widescreens are included.

    I was able to include the dual and triple screen images last year, but there just wasn't space on a single CDROM this year. If Cafepress ever decides to offer data DVDs then I can include them again (and probably the Pickle Jar and PNGs as well). Sorry to disappoint you multi-monitor users.

    The price is the same as last year: $24.99 or non-members, $14.99 for members. Last year I had an option to purchase the CD in a paper sleeve, but this year I decided to only offer the jewel case (with full color booklet). Be sure to drop me a line if you have any questions.


  • I've added dual and triple-screen versions of "November Snow".

    I'm going to take a little time off now to spend with my family. Speaking of family: we took Ian to a portrait studio last week. I know some of you like to keep up to date on how he's growing, so here's one I thought this one was pretty cute. I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


  • After taking some time to clean up my "back end" code, it is nice to get back to my main job. Programming is fun in its own way, but I really do prefer creating pictures. A lot of you have been asking for a "seasonal" theme so in that vein I offer "November Snow".

    A widescreen version of "November Snow" is available. The links are now on the new images page. Because I've added the widescreen links to the New Images page I will no longer mention that a widescreen version is avaialble for a new image. Widescreen versions will always be posted along with the "regular" version, so I don't think I need to mention it each time.

    I hope you enjoy the new image! I should have dual and triple screen versions soon.



  • A couple of items to mention today. I've finished updating the gallery pages so that now you can access the dual, triple, and widescreen versions if available (the same is true for the new images page). I've also written code which will generate the dual and triple screen galleries for me automatically (much like I did for the widescreen gallery). Hopefully this will all mean a cleaner and faster browsing experience for you (and less HTML writing for me).

    I've also added dual and triple-screen versions of "Subterra". I'm sorry there isn't much going on in the left and right screens, but this image sort of demanded all of the detail be in the center (where the light is).


  • It seems most of you want me to keep a seperate gallery for the widescreen images. That being the case I have written some code which will generate the page for me automatically. The only downside at the moment is that the images are not in a strict chronological order (newest first). I'll see what I can do about that. Otherwise, I think the pages are cleaner and easier to navigate than they were before. The new widescreen gallery can be found here.


  • You may notice that the new images and gallery pages look a little different today. This morning I went through and recoded them to display links to the widescreen versions. Now I'm debating whether or not I want to keep a seperate gallery for the widescreen images. It's would definitely be easier for me to keep everything straight if there was just one gallery to worry about. Anyway, if you have an opinion please feel free to drop me a line. Thanks!

  • Just F.Y.I, it looks like Cafepress is running a special on Wall Calendars and Christmas cards. $2 off your order if you enter the coupon code "Holiday2". The offer is good until 11/14.


  • A couple of new items today. First off, I must say that I was never really pleased with the version of "Conduit" that I posted last week. I had worked on it for a number of days and finally put it up because I was tired of looking at it. After a couple of days rest I came up with some new ideas and I reworked the image. The new version is now up in place of the old (which will stay in the Pickle Jar).

    I've also posted a brand new image this morning. It's called "Subterra" ( a widescreen is also available). I've always loved caves...


  • I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. We just got back from taking Ian on his first Trick-or-Treat around the neighborhood. He went as a "red ninja" and had a great time.

    Sorry it's been a while since I updated the gallery. I started working on a new Halloween picture but it just wasn't going anywhere. Then I started working on a new 3D abstract, and it took me longer than usual to get the look I wanted. The render, called "Conduit", is now up on the new images page (widescreen also available). I should be able to do a multi-screen version as well. I hope you like it!


  • I've been getting requests for Halloween wallpapers for over a month now, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do one this year. When I sat down to start a new project over the weekend it occured to me that it would be fun (and hopefully worthwhile) to update one of my favorite Halloween wallpapers from years past. I had always liked "Midnight Trooper" from 1999, but looking at it 6 years later I can definitely see room for improvement.

    My new version (rendered using Vue d'Esprit Infinite) is now up for review on the New Images page (widescreen also available). I hope you like it! The rest of my Halloween images can be found here.


  • I was finaly able to coax my computer into rendering a multi-monitor version of "Autumn Cliffs". They are up on the dual and triple-screen pages.


  • A quick update. We just returned from a week spent in Arkansas and Texas visiting with Jessie's family. I would have rather flown, but Jessie wanted to drive. Let me tell you, 2000 miles in the car with a two year old is not a lot of fun. We made it though, and after I've had a little time to regain my sanity I will jump back in and get working on something new.

  • A lot of you have asked if there will be a multi-screen version of "Autumn Cliffs". I have one prepared, but my computer crashes when I try to render it. The single-screen version was pushing the limits of my two year old machine, so perhaps the multi-screen version is just too much. I'll keep trying but I am not hopeful. Perhaps it is time to upgrade again...


  • Added one last fall picture, "Autumn Cliffs", to the gallery this evening (widescreen also available). The 4:3 version of this image looks ok, but it was really designed as a widescreen piece. Even if you don't have a widescreen monitor, I ask that you have a look at the widescreen version to see it as I designed it. I hope you like it!


  • Two items today. First off, I got wrapped up in other things this week and neglected to post the multi-monitor version of "Accelerator". Sorry about that. Triple and dual-screen versions are now available for downloading. I'm just now starting on a new wallpaper so it will be a little while before I have something to post.

    My second item is of a personal nature. We received "official" confirmation yesterday that a new member of the Bliss family is on the way. The baby is due sometime in late May. We took a home pregnancy test back on the 11th which came back positive (an awesome birthday present!), but we wanted to wait for the doctor's confirmation before "going public". Given the impact Ian has had on our lives, I can't really begin to imagine what is to come. I will keep you all posted though. Wish us luck!


  • I've added a new wallpaper to my neglected "Interiors" collection. You'll find "Accelerator" in the gallery and on the new images page (widescreen also available, multi-monitor to follow). The image was loosely inspired by a photo I saw in the current issue of "Popular Science". Just a little something different. I hope you like it!


  • Sony recently released an update to their popular PSP handheld device which allows users to set their own wallpapers. Not long thereafter I started receiving requests for DB images for use on the PSP. After much research (I had to get my own PSP for testing purposes, oh the sacrifice!) I have come up with my first release of PSP wallpapers.

    This first pack contains 75 wallpapers scaled (with a little intelligent cropping) to fit the PSP screen. I used the original lossless files for each image, so they are all first-generation JPGs.

    They really do dress up the PSP nicely (IMO). I hope you enjoy them!


  • I've added dual and triple-screen versions of both "Aurulence" and "Autumnwood". Also, I'm happy to announce that my 2006 wall calendar is now available from Cafepress (I was waiting for Autumnwood to be finished before putting it together).
  • It's my birthday tomorrow (I'll be 34). I plan on watching a little football and playing "Bob the Builder" with Ian.


  • You knew it was coming. I've added "Autumnwood" to the gallery this morning (widescreen also available, multi-monitor to follow), completing my "Four Seasons" series. I hope you have enjoyed them!


  • Added "Aurulence" today, another experiment using Apophysis 2.0 (I wanted to examine the structures present at extreme zoom levels). "Aurulence" is available on the new images page (widescreen also avaialble).


  • I've added dual and triple screen versions of "Archipelago".


  • I've posted an updated render of "Archipelago" (widescreen also available). This one has a little more going on beneath the water.


  • The flame fractals were fun (and popular, judging from the feedback I received), but Jessie made it known to me that she wanted to see a scenery image for my next project (and a cheerful one at that). She seemed pleased when I previewed my latest project for her, and I hope you will be to. I call it "Archipelago" and it is now up on the new images page for your review (widescreen also available). Have a great weekend!


  • I've added dual and triple-screen versions of both "Diaphaneity" and "Riven" this morning. I've been having some trouble getting "Sublimation" to render that large though (using Ultra Fractal) so I'll have to hold off on that one.

  • Ian is 2 years old today. Hard to believe it's been that long already. On behalf of Jessie (and Ian) I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to work from home and help to raise our little man. Simple words can't express how much he means to us.


  • Getting back into fractals over the past few weeks prompted me to look around and see how fractal software has progressed since the 90's. It seems to have progressed quite a bit. I purchased a copy of Ultra Fractal 4 and downloaded a copy of Apophysis 2 (it's freeware). I only started using the software a few days ago, but I've already created a few pleasing renders that I would like to share. "Sublimation", "Riven", and "Diaphaneity" and all new on the new images page (widescreens also available). All are examples of "Flame Fractals". I hope you like them. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.


  • I've added a script which will allow you to change your own password. You will find it here.


  • I've got a new wallpaper up in the gallery this afternoon. This one is directly inspired by my recent trip to Wyoming. One of the most beautiful sights of the whole trip was the sun setting behind Cascade Valley in the Tetons with Jenny Lake in the foreground. I've tried to create an idealized version, with a little artistic license, and the result is now up on the new images page (widescreen also available). I call it "Purple Mountains Majesty" and I hope you enjoy it.


  • A quick update. I've just returned from a weeklong roadtrip with an old friend of mine. We explored the Black Hills in South Dakota (highlights were Spearfish Canyon and Mt. Rushmore) then drove to Jackson Hole (stopping at Devils Tower along the way) and explored Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Nearly killed myself on "Uncle Tom's Trail" in Yellowstone (but it was worth it). We had a great time and I saw a lot of future wallpapers along the way. I plan on decompressing for next day or two and will get back to work on new images shortly.


  • After posting "Coincidence" I received requests to do more fractal based images. No problem. It's fun exploring what can be done with fractals using a 3D program like Lightwave. My newest fractal design, "Fire & Ice", is now up for your review on the new images page. Widescreen, dual, and triple-screen versions are also avaialble. I hope you like it!


  • The dual and triple screen versions of "Totality" are finally up. Sorry it took so long. I would have had them up sooner but I decided to make some small changes to the original. Some of you had written me mentioning what looked like a rendering artifact in the corona. I think I have that fixed now (the new version is up on the new images page). I would imagine that most of you won't be able to tell the difference, but hopefully those of you who noticed the problem in the original will like the change.


  • Added a new space wallpaper to the gallery today. "Totality" is now available on the new image page for your review (widescreen also available, multi-monitor to follow). I hope you like it!



  • Fractals have always been a favorite subject of mine. Some of my very first wallpapers (around 10 years ago) were fractals and when I started Digital Blasphemy in 1997 there were quite a few in my first gallery. For some reason I stopped doing them in 1999.

    I thought it would be fun to try my hand at them again. My first offering is "Coincidence", up now in the new images gallery (widescreen also available, multi-monitor to follow). My previous fractals were all generated using an old version of Kai Power Tools (version 2 I think) and Aldus Photostyler. This new image was generated within Lightwave and is embellished with some procedurals and a few 3D trinkets. I hope you like it.



  • When I posted "Springwood" back in March, quite a few of you asked that I do versions for all the seasons. No problem. So just in time for July I've added "Summerwood" on the new images page (widescreen also available, multi-monitor to follow). Rather than a simple lighting change, I've tried to change the vegetation to match the summertime theme (denser undergrowth, less flowers). I hope you like it. Let me know if you have any comments.


  • Happy Monday to you all. Some of you may dislike Mondays, but just remember, things could be worse. In that spirit I offer my updated version of "F=MA" (original here). A widescreen is also available. I hope you like it.

    I purchased a new monitor last week (a Dell 2405FPW). It's a wonderful screen and it's great to finally be able to use the widescreens I've been making. It is a little brighter than what I have been using, so you might find that my latest image is too dark for your screen. Please drop me a line and let me know if this is the case (or if you just want to comment on the latest image).

  • I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day. We had a picnic in the park yesterday and Jessie snapped this picture of Ian and myself. It was the best father's day present I could have asked for.


  • I started a new project almost a week ago and I think it is to the point where I can share it with you all. The new image is called "Eyrie Pagoda" and is available on the new images page (widescreens also available). As you may have noticed from looking around my gallery, pagodas are a favorite theme of mine. Every so often II try to model a new one just to see if I've gotten any better. You can see my eariler attempts here and here. Anyway, sorry for the long drought between new projects. I hope you like the new scene.


  • Last week I promised multi-monitor versions of "The Watchtower (Night)" and "Endless Blue (Night)". Little did I know how difficult it would be to render them. My two year old workstation is starting to feel a little underpowered. Anyway, dual and triple screen versions of both are finally up along with multi-monitor versions of "The Spark". On to something new now...


  • Added a new "microscape" image this afternoon. I call this one "The Spark" and it is now up for your review on the new images page (widescreen also available). Hope you like it.

    Some of you have requested that I add multi-monitor night versions of "The Watchtower" and "Endless Blue". I'll try to have those up sometime next week.


  • I've added Zip archives of all widescreen and multi-monitor files to the Downloads page. I've been taking care of some other business this week so I hope to have something new up sometime next week. Have a great weekend!


  • A few new items for you today. I've added blue and green versions of "Divisor" to the Picklejar (widescreens also available). I've finally created gallery pages for the 2005 images (see the links to the left). On the "Night Scenery" page you will find nighttime renders of both "The Watchtower" and "Endless Blue" (widescreens also available). Enjoy!


  • Added a new landscape scene to the gallery this evening. "Shambhala" is now available for your review on the new images page (widescreen also available). This one was born out of more experiments with the new Vue d'Esprit Infinite. I hope you enjoy it.


  • After Monday's post I decided that it would be better if I worked on something new before I worked on extra renders. The result is a new abstract up for your review this morning. It's called "Divisor" and it's available on the new images and widescreen pages. I hope you like it.

    I've also posted dual and triple screen versions of "The Watchtower". The night version of "The Watchtower" will follow shortly.


  • Happy Monday everyone. I hope to have one or two new files up for you shortly. I have a multi-monitor version of "The Watchtower" nearly done and a night version as well (haven't decided if it will be Pickle Jar render or not). I will be starting on a new project as soon as they are both up.

    I would have started a new project sooner but my merchant bank dropped a bomb on me last week, informing me that I have to upgrade all of my credit card processing scripts to their new API or they would stop working. So I've been coding for the past several days.

    The scripts are all upgraded now (the changes should be transparent to anyone using them) and after these extra renders are done I will start in on something new. Please subscribe to my RSS Feed if you want to be notified when I have a new wallpaper up. Just F.Y.I. . . .


  • I've posted dual and triple-screen versions of "Endless Blue".


  • After many long days of rendering and re-rendering, I think my latest image is in good enough shape to share. It's called "The Watchtower" and it's now up on the new images page (widescreen also available). As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I've been working with Vue 5's new "Ecosystems" which allow you to render immense forests. There are over 20 billion polygons in this image, and it only took something like 15 hours to render at 2560 x 1600. In contrast, Lightwave chokes on a few million polys. Impressive.

    Anyway, I think I've played with this one long enough. I hope you like it.


  • I apologize for being out of touch for the past couple of weeks. I've been busy trying to learn the ins and outs of the new Vue d'Esprit. Specifically I am working with the new "Ecosystems" feature which I hope may decrease my dependence on World Builder.

    I do have a new image in the works and I had hoped to have it ready before the end of the this week but it is now looking like it will be a little late. Hopefully it will be up before Monday.


  • I've spent the past couple of days playing with Vue 5 Infinite and tweaking "Endless Blue". An updated version is now available on the new images page A couple of things are different here. I've moved the islands back and increased their size (you'll notice the palms are much smaller in relation to the rocks now). I've also used Vue 5's powerful new function editor to add some foam and wet sand effects to the shoreline.


  • My copy of Vue d'Esprit 5 Infinite arrived over the weekend so I thought I would sit down and play with some of the incredible new features. Strangely enough, I ended up creating an image that didn't use any of the new features. Maybe next time. The image is called "Endless Blue" and I've posted it on the New Images page this morning. I hope you like it.

    Just to give credit where credit is due: some of the ideas here came from helping Jessie with her very first Vue d'Esprit image. She is actually very artistic (probably more than I am) but she's never used 3d software. Perhaps someday you will see a gallery of her work on DB.

    As for Vue 5 Infinite, they've made it a lot easier to create grand forests and complex scenes. I'm looking forward to pushing the program to its limits. For "Endless Blue", however, I felt that less would be more. I hope you agree.



  • I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. My older brother Eric came to visit from Ohio. He's a busy District Manager for Steak 'n Shake so we don't get to see him that often. Ian enjoyed getting to know his Uncle a little better and we all had a great time visiting and watching basketball (go Illini!).

    In the midst of all that I was able to put the finishing touches on my latest wallpaper. It's called "The Overseer" and it's up for your review on the new images page (widescreen also available). I hope you like it. Multi-monitor versions will follow shortly.


  • I've added dual and triple screen versions of "Springwood". Some of you have mentioned to me that there's too much green in Springwood. While it's true that I "overloaded" the green in the image, I did so because I'm weary of seeing brown around me all the time. It's also because St. Paddy's day is coming up. Enjoy!


  • I don't know about you, but I'm more than ready for spring to arrive. I'm sure many of you feel the same, so I thought it would be fitting to do a springtime theme for my next wallpaper. Rather than create something from scratch, however, I thought it would be fun to take a winter scene that I had done and transform it into a spring one. I chose "Winterwood", from December, and went to work imagining how it would look in bloom. The result, "Springwood", is now up on the new images page for your review (widescreen also available, multi-screen to follow). I hope you like it!




  • "Coalescence", my first space wallpaper of the year, is now up on the new images page (widescreen available, multi-monitor to come). I'm not sure if this depicts any sort of real astronomical phenomenon, it's really just a flight of fancy. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


  • Added dual and triple-screen versions of "The Grid". They are big files so please be patient while downloading.


  • Thanks to everyone for the kind emails while we recuperated. I still have a nasty sore throat, but I finally felt well enough to get back to work over the weekend. After playing around with a few abstract themes, I developed one which I thought interesting enough to share with you all. I call it "The Grid" and you can find it on the new images page (widescreen also available). I hope you like it!

  • Ian turned 18 months on Saturday. I guess it's time for a new picture. Here he is driving his school bus down the hall. The wheels on the bus go round and round...


  • It's been a rough week in the Bliss Household. Just after we returned from our trip last week, Ian came down with a nasty case of the flu. In fact we had to take him to the Emergency Room over the weekend with a 105º fever. Just when he finally looked to be on the mend, both Jessie and I caught it from him.

    We've both been laid up for the past few days (though my case seemed quite a bit worse than hers). We're steadily getting better now and I hope to be able to start in on new project in the next couple of days or so. Just thought you all should know...


  • Aloha! Thought I should check in and let you all know what's been going on. No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. Jessie, Ian, and I just got back from a trip to Maui we had been planning since early last year. We did all the usual tourist things like biking down Haleakala, attending a Luau, and riding in a submarine (in addition to snorkeling and basking in the sun).

    We had a wonderful time though we're all severely jet-lagged now. After we're all settled back in and sleeping properly I will start back in on some new wallpapers. Don't be surprised to see a tropical theme or two...


  • I was looking over last years images recently and I noticed that my "Interiors" gallery only had two entries. I decided to try my hand at a new one and I've posted the resulting render up on the new images page (widescreen also available). It's called "Obsidia" and I hope you enjoy it.


  • I've posted a slightly revised version of "Morning Glory" on the new images page. The original render I posted Monday and a version without the lady (and her cat) is also available in the Pickle Jar. Widescreen, dual-screen, and triple-screen versions are also available.


  • I've once again set aside my new software to create something using familiar tools. For my latest project I have gone back to 1998 and reworked on my favorite old images, "Morning Glory". The updated render can be found on the new images page. I've tried to stay true to the original but also add a few touches which were not possible seven years ago using Bryce. I hope you enjoy it!

    A widescreen version is available and I hope to have multi-monitor versions available shortly.


  • Happy 2005 to you all! As I mentioned last time, I am still trying to learn a new piece of software. I haven't managed to produce anything worthwhile with it yet, so over the weekend I decided I would take a break and work with some familiar software. A new render, called "Deep Blue", is now up for your review on the new images page. A widescreen is also available.

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