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Dome of the Blue Seeress (2017)

After finishing the day version multiscreen I hoped to transition immediately to creating the night version that I had planned. Unfortunately my Vue d'Esprit software had other ideas. As has happened quite a few times before, I wasn't able to re-open my scene file to continue working on the project. After much swearing and gnashing of teeth, I managed to open an older version of the scene (without the vines) and rebuild things to where I could progress with my nocturnal version.

Unfortunately after rendering the single-screen version here Vue crashed and, once again, I wasn't able to reopen my work. There are certainly a thing or two that I would like to tweak with this render but unfortunately that won't be possible unless I spend another whole day rebuilding it (yet again). That also means the multiscreen version will be delayed.

Fortunately I think the render I do have looks nice enough to share. Let me know what you think!


Dome of the Blue Seeress (2017)

"Dome of the Blue Seeress", from 2002, was one of my last projects framed specifically for 4:3 monitors. It has long been requested that I render a version for newer widescreen monitors, but for me it is almost always more fun to re-imagine an older scene (with my shiny new tools) than to do a straight-up re-render.

It has been 15 years since I rendered the original but his new version imagines that quite a bit more time has passed. Is it even the same scene at all? I'll leave that for you to decide.

The multiscreen version is rendering now and should be available within 24 hours. Stay tuned for a night version!



FREE: Download For Wallpaper Engine (1080p)

Unlike most of my scenes, this one was planned as an animation from the start. Most of my scenes take at least an hour to render a single frame (and some take much much more). For this project I wanted each frame to take under 2 minutes to render so I've tried to keep things relatively simple. Figuring out how to animate the scene in a pleasing manner took much longer than setting up the still shot!

I rendered the animation at 3840 x 2160 but it appears I need some new software to encode a video at UHD. Stay tuned!



Can you spot the "plants" in my latest render? Hint: They aren't your typical foliage.

This scene was basically a test to see if I could create rock formations using "The Plant Factory". All the rock formations in the scene were created as plant objects.

The "plants" use bump displacement to create the ridges and were populated using Vue's Ecosystems. I can foresee lots of interesting applications for this technique in the future :-)

Let me know what you think!


Moonbeam Sea

I discovered that when I removed the ridges from "Rolling Ridges", the result is a pretty cool cloudscape all on its own. Perhaps it should go in the Pickle Jar, but I thought it looked nice enough to feature in the gallery (at least temporarily).

Multiscreen versions will be available shortly. What do you think?


Wallpaper Engine

A lot of folks have asked if I could create animated content for Wallpaper Engine. It looks easy enough so I've added a "Wallpaper Engine" version of my "Dispersion" animation to Steam.

Here's a demo...

If people seem to enjoy them perhaps I will make more. Let me know what you think!


Rolling Ridges (Night)

Mere minutes after I posted Rolling Ridges the requests came in for a night version. I am always happy to oblige my Members :-)

Let me know what you think! Do you usually prefer the day or night versions?


Rolling Ridges

Nothing too fancy here. Trying to create a sense of "land waves" receding to the horizon (and work on my cloud techniques). Also wanted to do a Vue landscape that could render in under 12 hours at 6K :-)

Hope you enjoy it!


Twenty Years of DB!

In January of 1997 I was about to graduate from the University of Iowa with a BS in Computer Science and I was looking for a decent job. One of the companies I interviewed with asked if I knew how to code web pages (the WWW was the hot new thing in '97) and I honestly told them "No". I didn't get the job.

The CS dept didn't teach web programming back then so I bought myself a copy of "HTML for Dummies" and, over the course of a weekend, put together a web gallery containing all of the 3D renders that I had been creating for fun up until that point.

I posted them on my ISP supplied homepage and called it "Digital Blasphemy".

Two years later I decided to try to make it my full-time job by asking the folks who enjoyed my work the most to pay a small fee to access my entire collection. Since 1999 I have spent my days (and nights) creating new renders for the people who support my work.

Here's a look at 20 years of renders in one image...

20 Years of Digital Blasphemy Wallpapers

Thanks so much to all of the current and former Members who have made it all possible. Here's to another 20 years!!



Inspired by "Monet's Pond" in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. I added the lotus (petals modeled in Lightwave, model assembled in Plant Factory) to give the piece a central focus.



This one started out as a revisit of "Planitia" (which turns 10 years old this year!) using some of my custom-designed Plant Factory models. The plants used some of the techniques I learned creating "Dreams of Avarice".

It took an unholy long time to render on Shadowfax due to the all the SSS and refractive globes. Somewhere about 2/3rds of the way through the render it occurred to me that perhaps the bottom of the screen was a bit on the busy side, but I let it finish rather than start over.

Let me know what you think!


First off, happy Birthday to my lovely and talented wife Jessica!! You don't hear much from her, but trust me when I say that this gallery would not still be here without her hard work. I love you baby!

True North

This piece is a "side-project" that I started in the middle of working on something else. I was working on a new sci-fi project and decided that an unused element would work nicely as an aurora. The scene was designed and rendered on my old Bucephalus workstation.

Signed Metal Prints

Just FYI, I've added metal as an option for my signed prints. We purchased one of my metal prints as a Christmas gift this year for some good friends of ours and were blown away by the results. They are a bit smaller than the wrapped canvases (max 30" wide) but they are easy to hang and absolutely stunning.


A couple of new renders to post today.


I will admit that this one is framed specifically for my own particular vertical triple-screen setup. I hope it looks great on yours. This one took quite a long time to render on "Bucephalus" due to the volumetric fog. For that reason I don't have a multiscreen ready right now.

Unfortunately when I saved this scene file Vue 2016 messed up a lot of the texture maps and it will be quite a chore to reset them all. I will do it someday though I promise!! Let me know what you think!!


I haven't worked with Apophysis (a "2D" fractal "flame" generator) in quite a while so I decided to boot it up on Asfaloth while two particularly lengthy renders were finishing on my desktop workstations. I was particularly interested in the new "3D" features of the program and trying to emulate some of the incredible floral flame renders I've seen online.

This render doesn't quite look floral yet, but I think it looks interesting enough to share in my gallery while I keep learning. Let me know what you think!


Minimal Surfaces (Variations)

By popular request I've added a few different colored variations of "Minimal Surfaces" to the Pickle Jar... Which is your favorite?


Minimal Surfaces

Experimenting with "Scherk" Minimal Surfaces here. I know it's a simplistic looking render, but it makes a nice counterpoint to my last abstract :-)

Rendered using Lightwave 11.6.


Dreams of Avarice

Happy 2017 everyone! Can you believe that DB is starting its 20th year online!? Thank you so much to my Members for keeping me rendering for the past two decades!

I have a few different irons in the fire at the moment, and the first one ready is an abstract that I created to learn how to use my own imported geometry in "The Plant Factory". The gemstones were modeled in Lightwave and placed on the "vines" using TPF. The "plants" were then brought back into Lightwave where I used the dielectric shader to texture the stones.

I hope it isn't too chaotic for use as wallpaper! I have two more scenes rendering now that I hope to have up sometime this week so stay tuned!

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