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Look for images with a white border in my gallery (you may need to reload the page for the border to show up). Once you click them you will find the "Free HD Wallpaper" link at the top of the page. Let the 1920 x 1080 images load fully and the right-click on the image to either save it to your computer or set it as your wallpaper.

I am considering adding some more free resolutions to the sample pages in the future and I will definitely be mixing them up from time to time.

Start here and work back through the years...

Basically I want everyone, regardless of means, to find a great wallpaper in my collection. If you happen to become hooked, and you feel like giving a little back, then I hope you will think about either signing up as a Member or purchasing a wallpaper a la carte.

Enjoy and please share with your friends!



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Everyone loves free stuff, and I love giving my wallpapers away so as many people as possible can use them. If you really love my work and want to see it continue I would ask that, beyond sharing my free images with all your friends, you think about one of the options below...

Thank you for your support!!

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