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I know times are tough for a lot of folks. Spending your hard-earned money on artwork may not be high on your priority list. That's why I have partnered with a company called "TrialPay" to offer my wallpapers to you free of charge.

What's the catch? Glad you asked...

Lots of companies, large and small, would like you to try their products. These companies register their trial offers with TrialPay and these companies pay me when you sign up for one of their trials. Because the companies pay me (and not you) I can then give you a free 90 day pass to my Members Gallery (a $15 value).

If you find a product or service through TrialPay that you really like then it is like getting two products for the price of one. Below is a nice diagram that explains it pretty well:

No really, what's the catch?

The catch is that you will most likely need to enter your credit card info for the offer you select and the onus is on you to cancel the trial if you do not want to be charged (that is if you aren't truly interested in the product or service). I would stick with companies that you know and trust.

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