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More 360 Panoramas!

So for the past few days I've been learning how to render my scenes as 360 VR panoramas. Right now the only place I can post them is Facebook but I am exploring other options...

Atoll (Nightfall)


The Fire Within

Members can download the raw spherical renders for "Beginnings" and "Temple of the Leaf (Night)".

Let me know if you find a good use for them with your own VR rig!

I do have a second version of "The Fire Within" on the way so stay tuned!


The Fire Within

I guess I wasn't quite done with my cave itch when I posted "Bones of the Earth". I had the idea here to create a scene lit from below by lava. The snow came relatively near the end but I think it makes a nice contrast.

I may still have an edit or two in store for this one, but I thought it looked interesting enough to share as is. Hope you enjoy it!

360 Panoramas...

You may have noticed that Facebook is showing your panoramic photos are 360 VR experiences now. I thought it might be fun to render a few of my scenes for this format. Members with their own VR rig can download the 8192 x 4096 spherical render of "Temple of the Leaf (Night)" here.

You may have to visit the links below using your mobile to view the panoramas in your browser...

Temple of the Leaf (Night)

Temple of the Leaf

Class M

Should I make more??



A companion piece to "Thunderhead". I used what I learned designing those cloud formations to make a convincing environment for a tornado I modeled using The Plant Factory.

I may still tweak a thing or two with this one before I'm finished, but I thought it looked nice enough to share for now.

Compare to the original "Whirlwind" from 2000!

PS: My renders are usually an escape for me from the flatness of Central Illinois, but the foreground in this piece very much embraces it



I was born and raised in central Illinois, which is very flat country (flattened by a glacier 10,000 years ago), and cumulonimbus clouds are our versions of mountains. I first attempted to model one back back in 1999 using texture mapped spheres. This version with 2016 technology uses Vue's Spectral 2 clouds.


Class M

First off I would like to mention that for the first time in 10 years, DB is living on a new server. I've been working hard migrating the site to the new box over the past week and I think I've ironed out most of the bugs. The new machine will give me a platform to hopefully create a whole new site soon!

When I wasn't tinking with my code I was creating a new render. I recently finished the excellent "Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown and his vision of a terraformed Mars inspired me to create this piece. I used Vue d'Esprit's "spherical" terrains and dug deep into the cloud editor to create this render.

There was one location from the books in particular that I wanted to recreate and this piece could be considered a warmup for that :-) I hope you enjoy it!


Cloud Kingdom

Having some fun with World Machine here. My last few images have been somewhat on the dark side so I wanted to do something with a bit of sunlight. It's been dreadfully hot this week as well so I wanted to do something cool. I hope you enjoy it!


Bones of the Earth (Glow)

I mentioned last time that a Member sent me some photos of a cave that inspired me to try to make my own. Well, those photos featured glowworms which lit the cave up like a starry night. After modeling the cave for the "Bones of the Earth" render, I've turned down the lights and added my own glowy denizens.

I hope you enjoy it. Multiscreen coming very soon!


Bones of the Earth

It's been a while since I've attempted a cave render and one of my fans recently shared some photos which inspired me to try my hand at it again.

The geometry was started in Lightwave and sculpted using Zbrush before importing into Vue.

I have future plans for this scene...:-)



I've been mostly working on some back-end stuff this past week and waiting for my new server to go online. Once it is online I will be migrating my site to the new box (hopefully before the end of the week). Not doing any redesigns at this time but I will seriously be looking into it once the site is moved.

While waiting for my new box to go online I've put together a view of "Beginnings" from the surface of a primordial satellite. I learned a great deal about Vue's "displaced ocean" settings for this one. The multiscreen version is already rendering on Bucephalus.

I hope you enjoy it!



Looking back through this year's renders I noticed that I had yet to do a single outer space scene. I sincerely apologize for this oversight on my part and offer "Beginnings" to rectify the matter. This piece attempts to (artistically) capture the moment a star ignites amidst the primordial dust.

Dual and triple-screen versions are also available. I hope you enjoy it!!



I used to make this sort of abstract using "Xfrog", but I have to admit that "The Plant Factory" is a lot more powerful. The upside is that I can use this geometry as a plant in Lightwave if I so fancy (and I just might...).

Dual and triple-screen versions are also available. Don't be surprised if I post a few revisions in the days ahead as this one is still fluid :-)


The Grid (2016)

Given that "The Plant Factory" specializes in branching structures, I thought it would be interesting to see how it would handle creating a new version of "The Grid" from 2005(!).

I've gone with texture mapped models here (since the procedural shader I used before doesn't work with the 64-bit version of Lightwave) and I've added some little extra "nodes" here and there to break up all the right-angles.

Let me know what you think!!


I've scrapped my initial version and posted one I created using an entirely different method. Let me know what you think of the update!

Please note: Summer has always been my slowest time of the year! If you've ever thought about becoming a Member, renewing, or becoming a Lifetime Supporter NOW would be a great time!!


Halcyon (Glow) Multiscreen

I've added dual and triple-screen versions of "Halcyon (Glow)" to the gallery this morning. I was away from my computer over the holiday weekend and I'm now back working on new artwork :-)


Moon Worship

By popular request I've created a night-time companion piece to "Sun Worship" this afternoon. You might notice that I've given the lady on the rocks a friend with whom to enjoy the view :-)

Dual and triple-screen versions are available.

I've also been working to make DB look a bit better on mobile devices. Check me out on your phone or tablet and let me know that you think!


Look who's turned 10 years old today!

It seems like just yesterday that I was posting about him being born!


Sun Worship

Created this scene in about 8 hours after uploading yesterday's 65 hour render. It was nice to have Shadowfax back!

Nothing ultra-complicated here; just wanted to do a breezy, sunny, happy and quick wallpaper. Is it a bit rough around the edges? Sure, but I will clean that up in the days ahead and have a multiscreen version posted soon.


Halcyon (Glow)

Wanted to create a night version of "Halcyon" with glowing blooms. I changed the blooms to red because, quite frankly, there's been an abundance of purple in my gallery recently.

The volumetric fog made this one a 65hr render rather than a 3 hour render so let me know if it was worth it! The early version I've added to the Pickle Jar doesn't have the fog for comparison.



I've spent the past week or so working through my backlog of multiscreen renders and I've finally had the chance to work on something new!

Now that I have figured out how to create flowering plants in "The Plant Factory" I am learning how to create hanging blooms. Eventually I would like to create a massive wisteria tree.

I must learn how to walk before I can fly however so consider this a baby step in the right direction.

I hope you enjoy it!


Purple Rain (Sunset)

As is usually the case when I post a daytime render, I get requests for a nighttime or sunset view. For my Prince tribute I received requests for both. The night version (which you can find in the Pickle Jar) features a luminescent tree for a more "fantastic" look.

Let me know what U think!


Purple Rain (Tribute to Prince)

Like many of you I was shocked and saddened to hear that one of my favorite artists, Prince, passed away suddenly on Thursday. As a huge music fan and a lover of unbridled creativity in all its wonderful forms, losing Prince feels like someone turned down the lights a little on our world.

I've loved Prince's music since his "Little Red Corvette" days in the early 80s. One of the things that always most fascinated me about him was that he taught himself to play the piano (at age 7), the guitar (at age 13) and the drums (at 14). As a young person he gave me hope that I could teach myself to succeed creatively.

If you've followed my work over the years you know that I try not let the world intrude into my gallery. I've always wanted DB to be a place to escape the pains of real life. This is an exception.

I was working on this render when I heard the news Thursday and I immediately started adapting it to become a tribute to his genius. I hope you enjoy it.

Rest in peace Prince!


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""Weather" should be a new genre"
This is fantastic. "Weather" could be a new genre that you do. Living in Oklahoma, I find tornado art both fascinating yet intimidating and terrifying.

Wizard of Foz

Thu August 25, 2016 at 4:08 pm
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