Third Annual Digital Blasphemy Sandbox Challenge

Rules/Entry Instructions/Prizes

The Challenge is pretty simple...

  • Browse through my gallery and pick an image to recreate using your copy of Minecraft or ANY OTHER SANDBOX VIDEO GAME.

  • Use all the skills at your disposal (mods/texture packs welcome) to recreate my scene as accurately as possible.

  • When you are happy with your creation (try to match the time of day, lighting, and "camera angle"), take a screenshot at the highest resolution possible. Be sure to hide the interface (F1 key)!

  • Create a 300px wide "thumbnail" of your screenshot.

  • I won't be hosting the graphics on my server, so you will have to give me the urls (thumbnail and fullsize) which I will then link from my site. Do not send me links to HTML pages.

  • Send me links to the graphic files themselves (example: send not I recommend a host such as Imgur, TinyPic or Picture Hoster. Facebook will work too if you submit the image URL.

  • You can enter as many times as you like but all submissions are final. You cannot submit an "improved" version later so make sure you are happy with your project before you submit it.

    The preliminary deadline for entries is midnight Aug 19, 2015. I may move this back if people seem to need more time... One last stipulation...


I will provide Digital Blasphemy Memberships to the top three winners (Lifetime, 1 Year and 1 month respectively to the top three). I am providing these prizes but folks are free to donate more (simply address a gift certificate to and include Sandbox Contest in the comments).

The Entry Period Is Now Open!!!


Thanks for participating!!

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