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I've added a new version of "Autumn Cliffs" this morning. The new version has a dedicated single-screen version which shows more sky and water than I was able to show in the multiscreens. I've also toned down the red and added more green to the mix. Let me know what you think of the update in the comments!

The first version will remain available in the Pickle Jar!


I've put together a page with information about the new DB iOS App that debuted in the App Store last Friday. If you have already downloaded the app (it's FREE!) please let me know what features you would like to see added!


"Shades of Autumn" is the third Fall themed image that I've been working on recently. I actually started this one first but the background took an awfully long time to render (even on Shadowfax!). You may remember the preview I posted on my Instagram account 3 weeks ago.

The basic idea was to take the techniques that I used to create "Red and Gold" and some of my more complex Vue d'Esprit tree objects and go the next step by using my Plant Factory to create even more detailed branches. I will leave it up to you to decide if I've made any improvements on the technique.

The background was created using World Machine and my work on that part of the scene ultimately lead to the "Autumn Cliffs" render that I posted earlier this week. They are, in fact, different mountains but the same techniques were used.

Will I do any more Autumn scenes this year? Maybe. Next I want to create some scary looking trees for Halloween...

My iOS app is finally available!

Download the Digital Blasphemy App from the App Store
Thanks to DB Member Jeff Richards (who so kindly volunteered his time because he loves my artwork) there is finally a working DB iOS app available. It's free to download and offers mobile sized versions of my entire free gallery which can only be downloaded through the App. It doesn't have all the features that I would like yet (no commenting or rating of images for example) but you can browse my gallery, download images (everything if you are a Member) and, most importantly, your login info is stored so you don't have to enter it everytime you want to download something!

We will certainly be adding more features when Jeff returns from his 2-week family trip so please let me know which features are most important to you and what we can improve on!


"Autumn Cliffs" is another Fall themed image that I've been working on. This one just finished rendering on Bucephalus this afternoon and, while I'm not entirely satisfied with it, I thought it looked nice enough to share while I consider what where to go with it next. I do know that I would like to tweak the foliage colors a bit in the next version (there's more red here than I would prefer).

I hope to have my another new Autumn render finished in a day or two so check back soon!


I recently installed an old copy of Vue 8 on my Arion workstation so I could render an ultra-hires version of "Red and Gold" for print. While waiting for two new Autumn renders to finish on Shadowfax and Bucephalus I went looking through my old Vue files for likely candidates for new print renders.

That's when I came across this Autumn version of "Untouched that I created way back in 2008 but for some reason never got around to rendering full-size. I set Arion to rendering and here's the scene at 5k.

What do you think? Pickle Jar or Gallery??

I hope to have my two new Autumn renders up in the next couple of days so stay tuned!!


I've added a version of "Core World" rendered specially for single-screen systems (ie: most of them). It's strange that Vue and Lightwave both behave different when I change the aspect ratio of my scene. If I design a multi-screen scene (15360 x 2880) in Vue and then reset the camera to 5120 x 2880, it will keep the horizontal FOV and add open up the top/bottom of the frame. If I do the same in Lightwave however it will keep the vertical FOV and crop the horizontal. It makes things a little tricky when creating multiscreens out of single-screen scenes and vice versa.


"Core World" is new in the Members Gallery this evening. With this piece I am imagining what the sky might look like on a world near the galactic center, without all the interstellar dust that darkens our own view of the galaxy.

I rendered the background using Lightwave and the foreground is Vue. Like most of my post-Shadowfax projects, this one was conceived and rendered first as a multiscreen. The single-screen version is a crop of the triple-wide frame, but I will probably render a dedicated single-screen version soon.

My first version (with the golden sky) took nearly 180 hours to render on Bucephalus while the gallery version (with a sky which brings out more the colors in my stars) took only 48 hours on the same machine. The difference? I increased the "world diameter" (moving the horizon further away) and used a flat plane rather than a displaced surface for the water.

Which do you prefer?


It occured to me not long ago that while I have wallpapers for several holidays, I have neglected one very imporant holiday: Your Birthday. Now, I don't like to render food (or have it on my wallpaper) so I tried to think of something else.

I hope you like what I came up with. I put it together on my laptop while Shadowfax rendered the first draft of another new Autumn piece I am working on.

Of course I am posting it because it is my own birthday today (YAY!). To celebrate I am offering the new wallpaper for FREE today for anyone else who shares my birthday (or has one coming up). Enjoy!


I've added an updated version of "The Golden Hour" to the gallery this morning. The changes are subtle, mainly I've varied up the foliage color and added a few taller trees to the mix. I also set the "atmosphere quality" settings much higher than the first version so the light beams should be less noisy. The downside is the image took 3 times as long to render.

While the render was churning on Shadowfax I shifted over to Bucephalus and started a new project. I hope to have it up in the next few days so stay tuned!

Lastly I wanted to mention that there's FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING in my Society6 store for today only (edit extended to 9/8/15).


A couple of items to mention this first day of my birthmonth. First, I've added a new render to the gallery this morning. It's called "The Golden Hour" and it is the result of many hours learning the ins and outs of "The Plant Factory".

It is an incredibly powerful addition to my 3D arsenal. I just need to spend a few hours every day trying to learn exactly what everything does. This piece is the result of one such exploration. The trees looks quite alien, I agree, but I wanted to see what that would look like rendered. It should be a splendid season ahead for fans of my Autumn renders!

I will most likely most another version of this in the near future but I thought it looked interesting enough to share as is. Let me know what you think!

I'm also thrilled to announce that my 2016 Digital Blasphemy Wall Calendar is now available!

For the first time ever I am going to send free signed copies to my Patron, Sponsor and Guardian Level Members (current Members upgrade here). If you are a Guardian Member you can tell me which images you want for each month. I will have it made custom for you, sign each page, and send it out free of charge.

Check back in a day or two to see "The Golden Hour" updated. I'm just getting started!


A few items to mention this morning. First, I wanted to show off a few of the new tshirt designs in my Society6 store. Ian liked his "Clockwork" tshirt so much he wore to school for picture day!



"Green Divisor"

In addition to shirts you can get the new designs on many different products from duvet covers, to tapestries to shower curtains.

I am starting to put together images for my 2016 calendar. For the first time I am offering signed calendars. You just need to become a Patron or Guardian level Member to get one (first-time or renewal). Let me know if you have any questions!

Lastly I am bringing back my "DB4ALL" pages (wherein people who deserving folks (including teachers and servicemen/women receive free Memberships) and connecting it to my tip jar.

If you (or someone you know) sincerely want to become a DB Member, but have a good reason why you cannot afford it, share your story on the appropriate page. (Facebook account required). When I receive a tip from a Member or other generous art-lover, it will go into a fund which I will then use to offer free 1-year Memberships for each $25 in tips that I receive to those whom my Members and I feel truly deserve it.

How is this decided? In some cases I will make the decision myself, in others I will ask my Members for input.

If you would like to purchase a Membership for one of the folks who has posted, please check the balance in the Good Samaritan fund and make a contribution via my TipJar to increase the balance to $25. Include the name of the person you want to help in your comment with the payment and I will do the rest. I will assume you want to remain anonymous unless you instruct otherwise!


My son Ian chose the "Clockwork" shirt from my Society6 store and it finally arrived yesterday. I think it looks great but you be the judge. Ian said he might even wear it to school :-)

Which of my works would you really love to see on a shirt like this? P> 


I recently introduced my boys to the original Star Trek and we've been watching them nightly this summer before bedtime. This scene was inspired by the continuing adventures of the Starship Enterprise :-)

I used Vue d'Esprit's "Planetary Terrains" twice. The main planet in the sky is a Vue d'Esprit world with the camera pulled way back. The foreground is another spherical terrain, so I can have the sun light peeking over the horizon naturally.

Let me know what you think!

Lifetime Members!

If even half of you signed up as monthly or yearly Supporters I would have to worry a lot less about signing up new Members. Changing over to the new Membership system will help ensure the long-term survival of my gallery, but for the first year of the switchover (at least) I could really use some extra support from my Lifetime Members. Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!


You never know when inspiration might strike. I've been re-reading George R. R. Martin's "A Clash of Kings" recently. Daenerys Targaryen sees many visions in the "House of the Undying" including one that I thought would make an interesting wallpaper...

"A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness..."

Some think the flower symbolizes Jon Snow, and in his very next chapter he meets Ygritte who tells him the story of "The Winter Rose". Connected? Maybe.

Either way I thought it would make a pretty cool image though and I hope you agree. Let me know what you think!


Here are my first timelapse WIP videos. They are mostly just tests to see what settings to use, etc, but if you are interested I will be happy to make more. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date.

My Members can log in and download the WIP render produced in this video here.


I had long had the thought that my "Portals" scene would support one of my ultra-wide Triscreen images. My "Valley of the Stars" render was the first scene where I felt I should give it a try. Let me know what you think!


Added a new version of "Valley of the Stars" tonight. Version 1 was pretty well received but I still had a change or two I wanted to make. This new version adds a small castle on the shore and I've smoothed out the water a bit.


OK, some folks are vehemently against ongoing payments so by popular demand I am bringing back the Lifetime upgrade.

One major change though...

Only 1 per 24hrs will be sold.

Members log in here and non-Members go here if you are interested in purchasing. Check back tomorrow if someone has already purchased it.


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