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updated Nov 20, 2015


"Pyre (Christmas)"

Every so often I like to change the profile pic on my Facebook Page. For some reason more of my fans see profile pic changes than see my regular posts.

About a week ago I decided to use "Pyre" and one of my fans suggested "adding some red into the mix" to give it a more Christmas look. That gave me the idea to take it a step or two further. I've reworked the particle emitters to create a more festive effect :-)

I hope you like it! This is the first of a number of Christmas images that I have planned for the next month or so, in addition to working on some new space scenes.

In other news, version 2.1 of the iOS app is nearly ready for release. This next version will add (among other things) better error reporting and the ability to download any image size (rather than just mobile versions). It should be a fun month ahead!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

As some of you may already know, I have stopped offering discounts on Memberships. I was starting to feel like a carnival barker screaming out "30% off, no 40% off! Save Big Money!!". If you've been wanting one of the many excellent products are available featuring my artwork however, now is a great time to buy :-)


Save 50% off Posters and Wrapped Canvas prints using the coupon code "CRAZYWEEKEND".


Everything is 20% off from 1PM PST to Midnight PST 11/30. All of my tshirts will be $6 off on Tuesday Dec 1st and all "Home Decor" (Duvet Covers, Shower Curtains, Etc) will be 20% off on Wednesday.


Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY25 to save 25% off my skin collection.

Murals Your Way:

Cover an entire wall with my artwork for 40% off (until 11/30).


"Winter Cliffs"

After setting up a winter version of "Autumn Revelation" I was all but obligated to pull the camera back and render a winter version of the "Autumn Cliffs" view. This one rendered in 55 hours at 7680 x 4320 on my Bucephalus workstation.

There are canvas and poster versions available too! I rendered this one for single-screen first and the multiscreen version is rendering now on Bucephalus.


"Winter Revelation"

I know a lot of you aren't nearly ready for winter yet (I know I'm not) but, as the Starks have said, it's coming. My first snowy render of the year is the winter version of "Autumn Revelation". I was pretty happy with the cloud setup in the autumn version, but managed to tweak them a bit so they wouldn't look exactly the same (since this pic is supposed to be a whole new season). The evergreens have kept their needles but the colorful trees have dropped their leaves.


A couple of new additions to the gallery to mention this morning...

"Autumn Revelation"

There are many advantages to being a 2D artist over a 3D artist. One of the major ones (that makes me jealous) is that there is really no limit to how complex your scenes/objects can be because you only have to draw one side of them. Setting up complex scenes in 3D requires a bit more work, but one advantage of 3D art is that once that work is done I am able to move my camera/lights around the scene and capture different views almost like Ansel Adams hiking through his own personal Yosemite.

That's what I've done with "Autumn Revelation". I've moved the camera closer to the shore and I've replaced the reddish tones in the atmosphere with blusish ones. I've also added some foreground mist and shorted the evergreen trees by half. I previewed my render to the folks in the Private Facebook Group and they almost unanimously demanded that it have a gallery spot of its own.

I hope you enjoy it! Multiscreen users check back in a day or so as I created this one (on my single-screen Bucephalus workstation) as a single-screen wallpaper first. Old habits die hard...

Check out the rest of my Autumn Collection here!


"A Sincere Pumpkin Patch" was my homage to Charles Schultz's classic. Of course part of the magic of the "The Great Pumpkin" is that he exists only in Linus' imagination. I thought it would be fun to render at least one "flight of fancy" that might have occured while he sat his vigil in the pumpkin-patch. Here is one such vision...

The jack-o-lantern was modeled using Zbrush (though most of the details ended up getting glared out). The vines were modeled using e-on's wonderful Plant Factory. Yes, I know it's a little over-the-top but Halloween only comes once per year.

Not sure if I will add more "tricks of the imagination". Let me know what you think!

Check out the rest of my Halloween Collection here!


"A Sincere Pumpkin Patch"

I've had this idea for a long time, but I didn't have a good way to make the necessary vines until I started using the Plant Factory. This piece is a nod to my favorite Halloween story growing up. I was a huge Peanuts fan and I still like to watch the "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" with my kids every Halloween.

I thought about visualizing "The Great Pumpkin" itself, but decided it fit better with Schultz's theme of innocent faith to let the viewer wait and wonder. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Check out the rest of my Halloween Collection here!


"Ghostlight Woods"

I've added "Ghostlight Woods" to the Members Gallery this morning. I started out with this one to create a spooky woods for a Halloween background. I don't quite have the Halloween foreground worked out yet, but I liked how the light worked here as a "fading Autumn" scene. I have a few ideas for additions so don't be surprised to see a new version appear in the days ahead.

Here's how it looks on Shadowfax...

Ghostlight Woods

A photo posted by Ryan Bliss (@dblasphemy) on

Stay tuned in the days ahead as I work a bit more on this one.


Here's a triptych version of my latest render. I've linked to the largest version so you can scale it down according to your needs.

I have two new renders brewing so watch for a new post very soon!


I've added a new version of "Autumn Cliffs" this morning. The new version has a dedicated single-screen version which shows more sky and water than I was able to show in the multiscreens. I've also toned down the red and added more green to the mix. Let me know what you think of the update in the comments!

The first version will remain available in the Pickle Jar!


I've put together a page with information about the new DB iOS App that debuted in the App Store last Friday. If you have already downloaded the app (it's FREE!) please let me know what features you would like to see added!


"Shades of Autumn" is the third Fall themed image that I've been working on recently. I actually started this one first but the background took an awfully long time to render (even on Shadowfax!). You may remember the preview I posted on my Instagram account 3 weeks ago.

The basic idea was to take the techniques that I used to create "Red and Gold" and some of my more complex Vue d'Esprit tree objects and go the next step by using my Plant Factory to create even more detailed branches. I will leave it up to you to decide if I've made any improvements on the technique.

The background was created using World Machine and my work on that part of the scene ultimately lead to the "Autumn Cliffs" render that I posted earlier this week. They are, in fact, different mountains but the same techniques were used.

Will I do any more Autumn scenes this year? Maybe. Next I want to create some scary looking trees for Halloween...

My iOS app is finally available!

Download the Digital Blasphemy App from the App Store
Thanks to DB Member Jeff Richards (who so kindly volunteered his time because he loves my artwork) there is finally a working DB iOS app available. It's free to download and offers mobile sized versions of my entire free gallery which can only be downloaded through the App. It doesn't have all the features that I would like yet (no commenting or rating of images for example) but you can browse my gallery, download images (everything if you are a Member) and, most importantly, your login info is stored so you don't have to enter it everytime you want to download something!

We will certainly be adding more features when Jeff returns from his 2-week family trip so please let me know which features are most important to you and what we can improve on!

Download the Digital Blasphemy App from the App Store

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