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A couple of items to mention this first day of my birthmonth. First, I've added a new render to the gallery this morning. It's called "The Golden Hour" and it is the result of many hours learning the ins and outs of "The Plant Factory".

It is an incredibly powerful addition to my 3D arsenal. I just need to spend a few hours every day trying to learn exactly what everything does. This piece is the result of one such exploration. The trees looks quite alien, I agree, but I wanted to see what that would look like rendered. It should be a splendid season ahead for fans of my Autumn renders!

I will most likely most another version of this in the near future but I thought it looked interesting enough to share as is. Let me know what you think!

I'm also thrilled to announce that my 2016 Digital Blasphemy Wall Calendar is now available!

For the first time ever I am going to send free signed copies to my Patron, Sponsor and Guardian Level Members (current Members upgrade here). If you are a Guardian Member you can tell me which images you want for each month. I will have it made custom for you, sign each page, and send it out free of charge.

Check back in a day or two to see "The Golden Hour" updated. I'm just getting started!


A few items to mention this morning. First, I wanted to show off a few of the new tshirt designs in my Society6 store. Ian liked his "Clockwork" tshirt so much he wore to school for picture day!



"Green Divisor"

In addition to shirts you can get the new designs on many different products from duvet covers, to tapestries to shower curtains.

I am starting to put together images for my 2016 calendar. For the first time I am offering signed calendars. You just need to become a Patron or Guardian level Member to get one (first-time or renewal). Let me know if you have any questions!

Lastly I am bringing back my "DB4ALL" pages (wherein people who deserving folks (including teachers and servicemen/women receive free Memberships) and connecting it to my tip jar.

If you (or someone you know) sincerely want to become a DB Member, but have a good reason why you cannot afford it, share your story on the appropriate page. (Facebook account required). When I receive a tip from a Member or other generous art-lover, it will go into a fund which I will then use to offer free 1-year Memberships for each $25 in tips that I receive to those whom my Members and I feel truly deserve it.

How is this decided? In some cases I will make the decision myself, in others I will ask my Members for input.

If you would like to purchase a Membership for one of the folks who has posted, please check the balance in the Good Samaritan fund and make a contribution via my TipJar to increase the balance to $25. Include the name of the person you want to help in your comment with the payment and I will do the rest. I will assume you want to remain anonymous unless you instruct otherwise!


My son Ian chose the "Clockwork" shirt from my Society6 store and it finally arrived yesterday. I think it looks great but you be the judge. Ian said he might even wear it to school :-)

Which of my works would you really love to see on a shirt like this? P> 


I recently introduced my boys to the original Star Trek and we've been watching them nightly this summer before bedtime. This scene was inspired by the continuing adventures of the Starship Enterprise :-)

I used Vue d'Esprit's "Planetary Terrains" twice. The main planet in the sky is a Vue d'Esprit world with the camera pulled way back. The foreground is another spherical terrain, so I can have the sun light peeking over the horizon naturally.

Let me know what you think!

Lifetime Members!

If even half of you signed up as monthly or yearly Supporters I would have to worry a lot less about signing up new Members. Changing over to the new Membership system will help ensure the long-term survival of my gallery, but for the first year of the switchover (at least) I could really use some extra support from my Lifetime Members. Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!


You never know when inspiration might strike. I've been re-reading George R. R. Martin's "A Clash of Kings" recently. Daenerys Targaryen sees many visions in the "House of the Undying" including one that I thought would make an interesting wallpaper...

"A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness..."

Some think the flower symbolizes Jon Snow, and in his very next chapter he meets Ygritte who tells him the story of "The Winter Rose". Connected? Maybe.

Either way I thought it would make a pretty cool image though and I hope you agree. Let me know what you think!


Here are my first timelapse WIP videos. They are mostly just tests to see what settings to use, etc, but if you are interested I will be happy to make more. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date.

My Members can log in and download the WIP render produced in this video here.


I had long had the thought that my "Portals" scene would support one of my ultra-wide Triscreen images. My "Valley of the Stars" render was the first scene where I felt I should give it a try. Let me know what you think!


Added a new version of "Valley of the Stars" tonight. Version 1 was pretty well received but I still had a change or two I wanted to make. This new version adds a small castle on the shore and I've smoothed out the water a bit.


OK, some folks are vehemently against ongoing payments so by popular demand I am bringing back the Lifetime upgrade.

One major change though...

Only 1 per 24hrs will be sold.

Members log in here and non-Members go here if you are interested in purchasing. Check back tomorrow if someone has already purchased it.



Valley of the Stars is new in the gallery today. It certainly took a lot less time to render than the day version because I removed most of the cloud cover from the sky. I left the mountain mist intact however.

The snowcaps are supposed to be lit by moonlight here, but I may need to practice that effect more with such wide-angle renders.

As before, I've chosen a single-screen area and cropped the multiscreen. I would like to do dedicated single-screen renders of both this and the day version someday soon.

Let me know what you think!


Quite of a few Members have been writing me recently requesting that I offer my artwork on Society6's incredible products. I was sold when I saw the tapestries available, but they have a lot of other cool stuff too.

Here's the store link.

It may be a while before I can add more artwork to the collection. The images have to be crazy large to print reasonably well and I've added the large renders I have. Let me know if you have any requests!!



For the past few weeks I have been saying to anyone who would listen that my old Membership system was going to change. When I started the Members gallery as a way to support my artwork in 1999, everyone pretty much wrote checks for their bills every month and auto-payments weren't the norm. Times have changed. As more and more businesses have gone the auto-payment route over the years, it has now become all too easy to neglect payments that aren't automatic (such as renewals to your favorite wallpaper site).

My new "Indefinite" Memberships should solve this problem in the long term. The prices are so low, however, that I am going feel some pain in the short term. If you are a Lifetime Member and really want to help out, I encourage you to sign up for any of my Unlimited plans. There's a special "Lifetime Plus" level just for you guys, but you can purchase any level you like (your account will always be marked as "Lifetime) no matter what.

Here are the new Membership prices and plans. A lot of folks asked for yearly plans to avoid currency conversion charges. Each plan has monthly and yearly renewals.

Each plan has the same access to my files. The only difference between them is the signature glow and the signed print/thank you cards you receive. What if you still have 2 years left on your account? Your "days remaining" are frozen when you sign up for one of the new plans. They are returned to you if you cancel.

Membership Tiers

When you make a comment on my site your name will now "glow" to denote your Membership level. Members can activate an ongoing Membership at any time, the number of days you have left in your account will be stored for you and "the clock will stop" until you decide to cancel your ongoing plan.

Lifetime Members at all levels will be denoted with the Infinity Symbol (∞)

Non Monthly
Non-Lifetime Member Without a Membership Plan
Lifetime Member
Regular Lifetime Member
Lifetime Supporter

This is a basic way for Lifetime Members to keep throwing in a little bit of support on a regular basis. Lifetime Members can choose any of the levels below as well.

Lifetime Supporter Members will receive a signed Thank You postcard and Lifetime Members who purchase any of the higher plans will receive a signed holiday card from the Bliss family while they are active.

Lifetime Member
A Member (or Lifetime Member) subscribing on an indefinite plan. Memberships do not expire unless canceled.
Plus Member
Lifetime Member Plus

Plus Members Will Receive a signed Thank You postcard

Donor Member
Lifetime Donor Member

Donor Members Will Receive a signed Thank You postcard and a signed 4x6 print and a signed yearly holiday card from the Bliss family.

Patron Member
Lifetime Patron Member

Patron Members Will Receive a signed Thank You postcar, a signed 5x7 print, and a signed yearly holiday card from the Bliss family.

Sponsor Member
Lifetime Sponsor Member
Sponsor Members Will Receive a signed Thank You postcard, a signed 8x10 print, and a signed yearly holiday card from the Bliss family.
Guardian Member
Lifetime Guardian Member

Guardian Members Will Receive a signed Thank You postcard, a signed 11x14 print, and a signed yearly holiday card from the Bliss family.

Please note that I do still offer a 30 day, temporary Membership, that only requires a one-time payment. You will need to upgrade to one of the Unlimited plans if you want to keep using it however. Anyone who doesn't want an ongoing Membership is more than welcome to use my a la carte system to purchase individual images or zip file collections.

Lastly I wanted to mention that I am not storing anyone's payment information on my server. My merchant bank handles all of the payments for me.

I'm sure some of you have questions so please feel free to write, post on my Facebook page, or send me a Tweet. Thank you all for supporting my work!!



Added "Valley of the Sun" to the gallery this afternoon. With this piece I was trying to learn how to properly texture my World Machine creations inside Vue d'Esprit. Like all of my "post-Shadowfax" projects, this render was designed first and foremost as a multiscreen wallpaper so I will probably have to go back and create something special for the single-screen majority.

You will notice that my Membership options have changed. Renewals too!

You can now get started as a DB Member for as little as $5 a month, with higher options available for folks who want to really help support my work. Yes, that's a bit more expensive than before. I am hoping that if enough people sign up for the new options I might be able to bring on someone to help manage the site so I can concentrate more on the artwork.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!


With this new version of "Ring of Fire (Night)" I've replaced the "fake" glow of v.2 with "real" volumetric light. The effect is a lot more immersive and creates a nice contrast with the moonlight. Triple-screen users gets a bit of lightning on the right screen.

This one took nearly 28 days to render on Bucephalus. It simply wouldn't have been possible for me to produce this render without Shadowfax!

Members please have a look at my new renewal options here. You can now upgrade your account to "Unlimited" status here and never have to worry about it expiring! CC only at the moment. PayPal coming soon!


With the New Horizons probe quickly approaching its rendezvous with Pluto, I thought it might be fun to imagine just what it might find when it gets there.

I used to model all of my planets using Lightwave, but for this one I chose Vue d'Esprit because it has great options for adding a thin atmosphere and visible relief on the planet surface.

This piece isn't intended to be 100% scientifically accurate, but rather a fanciful (and hopefully artistic) view of Pluto from its moon Charon.

I hope you enjoy it! I may do a second, strictly single-screen, render of this next because I designed the scene as a wide frame multiscreen first. It took nearly 2.5 days to render at 15360 x 2880 on Shadowfax!


Equip your diamond pick-axe because the DB Sandbox Challenge is here!

The past two Minecraft challenges were (IMO) huge successes. So much so that I thought I should make it a yearly event.

While first two contests focused primarily on Minecraft, I am opening it up this time to any sandbox game.

The rules are pretty simple...

Browse through my gallery, pick an image, and recreate it using your copy of Minecraft or ANY OTHER SANDBOX VIDEO GAME!

Compose and post a screenshot that looks as close to my original as possible.

Submit your entry using this form

DB visitors will pick the winners based on their image ratings.

IMPORTANT:If you are a DB Member you can choose any of 800+ my images as your subject. If you aren't a Member I would ask that you choose from my free images.

The contest has always been Minecraft based in the past but this year I'd like to open it to up to other "sandbox" games. If enough people enter I would like to have prizes in multiple categories along with the grand overall winner.

Some other sandbox games and level editors...

Some Past Winners...

Prizes (starting point: these are subject to change):

  • The Unobtainium Pickaxe

    The Grand Prize winner (chosen by my expert jury) will receive a Lifetime Membership to DB. I will also try to render something you built as a DB wallpaper (if possible) using my considerable tools and post it for the world.

  • The First Prize winner will receive a 1 year Membership to my gallery.
  • Honorable Mention will receive a 1 month Membership.
I am providing these prizes as a baseline but folks are free to donate more. Simply address a gift certificate to rbliss\@digitalblasphemy.com and include Sandbox Challenge in the comments.

Spread The Word!!

Encourage your favorite Minecraft YouTubers to enter and film their entries. Who's really the best? Which game or platform is most suited to this sort of challenge?

Page short link: http://bit.ly/1rNMYSQ

Tweet #dbsandboxchallenge

Here are the prizes, rules and instructions on how to submit your entry.



Ever since I started my Members Gallery I've been slowly removing free wallpapers from my site, hoping that the people who visit would sign up for my massive collection. Well, I'm not sure that's worked all too well.

Instead of a site that everyone could get something from, I ended up with a site with little to offer unless you were a Member.

That's about to change. As of today DB now offers more free HD wallpapers than at any time in the past 12 years. However, instead of having a separate "free gallery", as I did in the past, you will find the free images mixed with the rest of my collection.

Look for images with a white border in my gallery (you may need to reload the page for the border to show up). Once you click them you will find the "Free HD Wallpaper" link at the top of the page. Let the 1920 x 1080 images load fully and the right-click on the image to either save it to your computer or set it as your wallpaper.

I am considering adding some more free resolutions to the sample pages in the future and I will definitely be mixing them up from time to time.

Start here and work back through the years...

Basically I want everyone, regardless of means, to find a great wallpaper in my collection. If you happen to become hooked, and you feel like giving a little back, then I hope you will think about either signing up as a Member or purchasing a wallpaper a la carte. Enjoy and please share with your friends!



I've added the night version of "Ring of Fire" to my new images page this morning. This one has been rendering on Bucephalus for almost 6 days now! Let me know how you think it turned out!

Going forward I think I am going to start doing preliminary renders at 1440p, post those and only render the 5K (or multi-5K) images when I am "certain" that the image is final. That should speed up things around here for most of you who do not yet use 4K/5K monitors.

I'm interested to hear what you think of this policy in the comments

In other news, my a la carte wallpaper system will now send your purchased images directly to your email. It should work a lot smoother now so give it a try if you aren't a DB Member yet! Lastly, if you've been holding out on a DB Canvas then you will be pleased to know that Zazzle is offering 60% off for the next few days if you use the coupon code ZGREATESTDAD.

I used this opportunity to purchase the canvas print requested by my newest DB Patron Jeff Csillag!


If you've been holding out on a DB Canvas then you will be pleased to know that Zazzle is offering 60% off this weekend if you use the coupon code ZGREATESTDAD.

I used this opportunity to purchase the canvas print requested by my newest DB Patron Jeff Csillag.

Just ordered a medium wrapped canvas print of "Roche Limit" for my latest Patron, Jeff Csillag. Once @Zazzle sends it...

Posted by Digital Blasphemy on Friday, June 5, 2015

If the Patron level is too much for you I do offer a Donor level where you will receive a signed 4x6 of your choice.


"Manifold" is another Mandelbulb 3D creation. This time I am learning how to texture and better control the level of detail in my fractal renders. This one has three very different renders, two of them available in the Pickle Jar. Let me know which you prefer!

Members should log in here and click the link at the top of the page to join my new private Members-Only Facebook group. Thanks!!

I'm also happy to announce that I've added "a la carte" image purchasing to my gallery. You no longer need purchase a Membership just to download one or two images. Now you can purchase them directly from me instead of searching for them on the torrent sites.


I made some tweaks to my "Menger Bloom", learning more about mixing formulas and how to position lights. Do you prefer the new version or the old?


I've added a multiscreen render of "Ring of Fire" to the gallery. This is how I initially composed the image before narrowing the camera angle for the single-screen version. This is backwards to how I used to compose my scenes (single-screen first and then widen the camera angle). I rendered the 15360 x 2880 multiscreen version on Shadowfax and rendered the 5120 x 2880 single-screen version on Bucephalus.

Last Call for Thank You Cards!

A year ago I had the idea to teach Ian and Jason a lesson about what their Dad does for a living. Every week they have been signing Thank You cards which we then send out to the folks who have supported my artwork through Memberships and Renewals.

Thousands of cards and signatures later I think the lesson has been learned and I will be ending the Thank You card program once the remaining ~200 Highland Spring cards have been sent out.

Check out this page if you want one sent to you, signed on the front by me and on the back by my family.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated!!

I will be discontinuing the postcards but will still be a way to get signed artwork. Become a Digital Blasphemy Donor and I will send you a signed 4x6 print of your choice. Patrons receive a signed canvas or art print of their choice.



My second render using MandelBulb 3D. This one combines the famous "Menger Sponge" with the "Ruckerbulb" and "Amazing Surf" fractals. 5/23/15

This one is still sort of "in-progress" but I thought it the first draft looked good enough to share in the gallery. I rendered the single-screen version on Bucephalus while Shadowfax is rendering the triple-5K. Hope to have that version finished soon!


"Serpentine" is my first hi-res render using Mandelbulb 3D (not to be confused with Mandelbulber which I have used a few times before).

In some areas it seems more powerful than the other app, but in others it isn't. It's a 32-bit program, for example, so I can only use 2 GB of my 128 installed GB to process images. This means some of the post-processing options (like DOF) run out of memory on large images.

I still think it's worth learning though. Let me know what you think of the first effort!

PS: You can now use the R/L arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through my gallery :-)


I started creating a "ground view" of my "Accretion" render but decided instead to use the scene I created for my revision of "Moonshadow" (that render will remain in the Pickle Jar here). The wider frame better suits the multiscreen "Accretion" and the resulting image is a little brighter and less gloomy.

The multiscreen finished rendering first in this case and then I had to wait until the single-screen was finished before I could post it here. Sorry for the wait!!

Here's the single screen for comparison...


I had such a great time discussing my new Shadowfax workstation with the redditors at /r/battlestations and /r/pcmasterrace that I was inspired to render a new multiscreen version of my "Fluorescence/Reddit" hybrid. I rendered this one on my Asfaloth mobile workstation.

Just for fun I added a few more aliens in the background ;-)

Here's a free triple 1080p version if anyone is interested. Members can download resolutions up to triple-5K here.


Happy to scratch another neglected multiscreen render off of my list today. "Moondance" is finally available for dual and triple-monitors. It took just over a week to render on Bucephalus during which time I was able to develop new projects on Shadowfax :-)

Which neglected multiscreen should Bucephalus attack next from his new home in my basement?


I've added "Accretion (2015)" to the Members Gallery this morning. As with "Platonics", this scene was composed in Lightwave starting with a 48:9 frame (as opposed to the 16:10 frame I've used for the past 10 years). The single-screen was cropped from the triple-5k render. Here's what it looks like on Shadowfax...

I've tried to keep the center screen interesting here but I can't say if I would have designed it this way if I had started with a 16:9 frame. Let me know what you think!


Project Shadowfax was a resounding success. Huge thanks to everyone who donated! Here's the new page for my primary workstation and I've added a new page for "Arion".

I still have about 100 of the exclusive "Project Shadowfax" thank you cards (not everyone who donated wanted one). They will go to Digital Blasphemy Donors/Patrons on a first-come/first-served basis until they are gone.



I created this rather simple (but dense) abstract using Lightwave 11 in order to assess the feasibility of creating my images in a 48:9 aspect ratio from the start (as opposed to starting with a 16:9 frame). I chose "platonic solids" after watching an excellent NOVA special called "The Great Math Mystery" recently.

I've also added multi-5K/4K/UHD renders of "Locus" this morning. I hope to have a multi-5K version of "Highland Spring" available before Monday.


I was never 100% happy with my 2014 revisit of "Moonshadow". That scene was built using a setup I had originally put together for "The Green Flash", and it took simply too long to render.

This new version was built "from scratch" and does render a bit faster. The jellyfish add considerably to the render time, but I think they improve the foreground greatly. I hope to finally be able to create a multiscreen version of this one. There was little hope for the 2014 version though.

I will keep either the 2014 version of the this new one. Your ratings and comments will decide it!

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