Aspen Lake (Autumn)

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I took an informal poll on social media recently asking when folks transitioned to a winter wallpaper. It turns out quite a lot of folks wait until at least December so I decided to attempt one more Autumn render for the year. This one started out in Gaea as something quite different but I think it works very nicely as an forest scene. I hope you enjoy it!!

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"Home Feel -- II"
I too grew up in New Hampshire, though I now live in NW Florida (highest elevation in entire state = 345 feet!). This reminds me of my favorite time of year there: fall when the colors are in! This piece captures the feel of that very nicely. Well done, and thank you once again Ryan!

Thu November 14, 2019 at 7:55 pm

looks so realistic, Great render I love the peacefulness of it.

Wed November 13, 2019 at 5:45 am

Jason Pond
"Home feel"
I grew up and live in N.H.. This reminds me of a place I fished often as a kid on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee with my Grandpa. Very nice Ryan. Thanks for the memory.

Tue November 12, 2019 at 1:31 pm

"Looks Great!"
Is it Rendered or a Digital Photo?

It's hard to tell. Love to see some more of this view as Winter arrives. Might be interesting to see how this would look with some light mist on the water.

Tue November 12, 2019 at 4:47 am

Rob Graber
"Aspen Lake Autom"
That is magnificent!

Mon November 11, 2019 at 3:21 pm

This is, easily, the best autumn render of the year. I love the colors, the warmth, the rocky outcropping, and the reflection in the lake. It's a very soothing scene and makes for an excellent background. Thank you, Mr. Bliss.

Mon November 11, 2019 at 1:33 pm

I am certainly one of those people who waits for winter wallpapers until December. Fall is too short in the Northern US, and people overlook Thanksgiving and shorten the apple cider season too much as it is (silly "peppermint mocha," wait your turn...)

I don't want to hasten the snow until its proper time :)

Okay, I'm off of my soap box now.

This one is very pretty, although I tend to prefer more variety in color. Certainly a good addition to my "Autumn" DB folder, though! Keep up the wonderful work!

Mon November 11, 2019 at 12:15 pm

"Beautifully Serene"
Very nice one!!! Love the gold tones it's perfect. I personally wouldn't be opposed to winter renders :-).

Mon November 11, 2019 at 11:44 am

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