I turned 30 on 9/11. The birthday call from my Mom (which woke me at around 6:30 Pacific time) was the very definition of a rude awakening. By that afternoon the requests were coming in for a US Flag wallpaper. I had posted "September Rose" before going to bed on Sept 10.

I recall that the folks at "The Screensavers" on TechTV used this wallpaper for quite a while during the fall of '01. After it went up I received hundreds of requests of different flags of the world. Flags aren't really what I do, but I had to make an exception this one time. It was simply the most horrible day in modern memory.

Reactions to this piece have been, shall we say, "mixed" over the past 10 years. I religiously avoid discussion of political matters on this site but when your country calls you have you have to respond. The many many thanks I have received from the men and women in uniform have been all the validation I will ever require.

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