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A New Dawn

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"A New Dawn"

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Pickle Jar Versions

8.40/10 rating (398 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Bump: 3840 x 1200 still not centered."
Just to reiterate, the 3840 x 1200 version isn't centered and is still missing the right hand portion. Any chance of a fix please? I'd like to have this on my desktop but at present it's off balance.

January 8, 2009
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Comments (113)

"Niflheim refers to the Norse Mythological realm of cold or fog was the opposite of "Muspelheim" (the realm of fire). The planet and asteroids were rendered in Lightwave and then used as a "planet" object in Vue d'Esprit. I applied sub-surface scattering to the mountains so a little light would shine though. Brrrr.


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8.64/10 rating (685 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"I have an alternate title..."
..."A View From Triton". This is what you might see if you were standing on Triton's surface; the planet certainly reminds me of the superb pictures Voyager 2 took of Neptune.

Sat November 19, 2011 at 10:01 am
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Hidden Forces

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"Hidden Forces"

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8.36/10 rating (556 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

This is easily one of my favorite wallpapers in your collection. I just wish it were easier to resize and split to fit my system (triple 1920*1080 mac, needs split images.)

Thu October 25, 2012 at 2:35 am
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