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The Black Angel (Winter)
"I created the original "Black Angel" as a Halloween wallpaper but I was already thinking how interesting it might look as a winter scene. I've used the same snow-covering technique that I first attempted in Hokkaido to cover the branches and vines with snow. This scene, however, was considerably more complicated so the results were not always perfect. Inspired by the Black Angel in Iowa City's Oakland Cemetary, which I became familiar with during my time as an undergrad at the University of Iowa in the 90s."

"The Black Angel (Winter)"

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8.19/10 rating (77 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Brilliant! "
I'd love to see you do a whole seasonal series of this scene as you've done with some of your other images. The original is a lovely and moody piece of art that is excellent for Halloween and I delight at changing it to this now that we're in the midst of winter.


Wed January 6, 2016 at 10:57 am
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Comments (15)

Painted Canyon
"Playing around with 3D landscape editing in Vue 2014. I resorted to booleans to get some of the cutaway effects."

"Painted Canyon"

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Pickle Jar Versions

9.26/10 rating (341 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

Would love to see more similar renders.


Fri April 15, 2016 at 12:46 pm
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Comments (56)

The Final Flame
"For this piece I wanted to create the impression that the forest was sitting on a plate of stone."

"The Final Flame"


7.25/10 rating (125 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"So pretty"
I love this! It looks so restful. Any chance of a multi-screen render?

Sun January 25, 2015 at 7:33 am
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Comments (33)

"Ever since Lightwave added their own Instancing engine, I've thought it would be cool to add real stones to my "Karesansui dry garden. The original used a displaced plane to simulate the raked gravel.

This new version uses over 4 million instances to create the "gravel sea".

I've also subdivided the stones so they look a bit more hi-res. Not sure if I should mess with the background or not. I've done some experiments but anything I add back there seems to steal focus from the foreground.

Let me know what you think! So many different applications for instances..."


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Pickle Jar Versions

8.71/10 rating (101 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

Rock the house! The original 2002 version of this one was good, but needed better rendering for the detail of the rocks -- better than available in 2002. I've seen my share of rock gardens in Japan, and nothing can compare to an actual rock garden (different views from different angles). That being said, this is _real_ close. Thanks again for the new rendering with the updated software. You crushed it, man.

Wed December 3, 2014 at 9:33 am
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Comments (25)

"This piece was inspired by a photo I saw of Hokkaido's famous "Blue Pond". My first version of this render kept the tropical blue from the original pond, but I am trying out a more wintry color palette here.

Believe it or not The Dreamer and this scene sprang from the same root, even though they couldn't be more different tonally.

PS: Purely coincidence that I am posting this on my 43rd birthday..."


 Pickle Jar Versions

7.77/10 rating (83 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

Great picture! The first thing I thought of was Hokkaido. I had the unfortunate experience to be sent there while in the military. Kind of reminds me of a "light" morning snow there. :-)


Mon September 7, 2015 at 0:04 am
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Comments (26)

The Forgotten Way
"As you guys can tell, I take Leonardo's quote ("Art is never finished, only abandoned") quite seriously. This particular piece was started in the winter of last year and I abandoned it before I was 100% happy.

Fast forward to a few days ago and I was modeling objects for another new project and the idea came to me how I might "improve" this one.

I hope you like the new render. The old versions are still in the Pickle Jar so see what's changed."

"The Forgotten Way"

 Pickle Jar Versions

8.32/10 rating (101 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

the original 2 had defined depth to them. this one the depth, i can not quite focus on.

Thu September 18, 2014 at 7:08 pm
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Comments (105)

"This one is an update to Relics from 2000. Rather than show the old guns themselves, however, I wanted to depict nature reclaiming them from a different perspective (looking down the barrel). I'm sort of taking this theme to the next level..."



7.44/10 rating (101 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Fallible Me"
Y2K version: Those were guns...? I'd thought they were old monster utility hookups of some kind... Call me Captain Oblivious! >({|:#)

Thu August 21, 2014 at 2:09 am
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Comments (6)

Endless Blue
"I thought it would be fun to update my "Endless Blue render from 2005, since it keeps showing up in various "Viral Photo" lists. "

"Endless Blue"

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Pickle Jar Versions

8.35/10 rating (94 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Beautiful, but..."
From a physics standpoint, any water ocean on a planet with an orbiting body that big or something that big in your sky will have huge tidal forces acting upon that ocean. It will not be at all peaceful as you see it there.

Bill S.

Mon February 8, 2016 at 0:13 am
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Comments (86)

Pot of Gold
"This is an update to on my first crude Xfrog floral projects back in 2003. I rendered that one in Lightwave but I used Vue 2014 here. Let me know what you think! "

"Pot of Gold"

 Pickle Jar Versions

8.88/10 rating (116 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

It would be awesome if there was a Pandora version of this.

Mon April 21, 2014 at 3:48 pm
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Comments (44)



 Pickle Jar Versions

8.30/10 rating (110 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

Hi Ryan, I think that the 3840x1200 is messed up. It seems to be the triple-screen render (with the focus in the centre of the image) even though the resolution is accurate.

Sat April 12, 2014 at 2:01 pm
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Comments (37)

Rite of Spring
"This is an update to one of my favorite renders from 2002. Whereas I used Lightwave to create the clouds in the original, I wanted to see what I could do with Vue's built in clouds this time. They've come a long way since 2002.
There are still some aspects here that I would like to tweak, but I think this version is interesting enough to share as is. Let me know what you think!"

"Rite of Spring"

 Pickle Jar Versions

8.57/10 rating (120 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Simple yet worthy!"
I have this as the wallpaper on my Galaxy S5. Not a lot of clutter...just right!


Wed March 16, 2016 at 10:04 am
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Comments (57)

The World Watches
"On the plane back from Rustycon I had an idea to improve 2009's lowest rated render. It's always bugged me that I wasn't able to make that one work. As soon as I got back to Bucephalus I fired up my trusty copy of Vue 11 and set about making a few improvements.

Here's the version I am most pleased with at the moment. I've raised the water level a bit, added some snow the surrounding rocks (inspired by snowy vistas I recently flew over) and about a thousand other tweaks. I also have a more "fantastic" version that I may add to the Pickle Jar later which was certainly inspired by my time at Rustycon...

Let me know what you think!"

"The World Watches"

 Print Available

Pickle Jar Versions

8.04/10 rating (153 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"the world watches"
one of my all time favorites


Thu April 7, 2016 at 12:45 pm
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Comments (37)

"Adapting an older scene in Vue 2014 didn't seem to work out so well so I thought I would create something completely new from scratch. The render still took nearly 100 hours to complete at 4k and finally finished this morning.

I call it "Rosy-Fingered Dawn" (yes, I was an English major) and it was inspired by one of the pictures on a tropical calendar I received for my birthday way back in Sept. I wonder if anyone will recognize the place...

I still have much to learn about optimizing my Vue 2014 scenes so they don't take forever to render. This particular scene could use a nip/tuck here and there but I thought it looked nice enough to share while I make my adjustments. Let me know what you think!"


 Pickle Jar Versions

8.08/10 rating (131 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

I love the pink and teal with the palm trees, gives an 80's pop vibe. Love that. But it seems like the clouds are unnaturally flowing upwards? Growth on the mountain seems thin and scaled oddly. But, as an overall piece, it all works together nicely. Great work.

Ryan H
Mon February 17, 2014 at 2:11 pm
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Comments (30)


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