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Visitation  -- Happy Halloween 2015
If you are looking for render of "The Great Pumpkin" that is true to Charles Schultz's vision, try here. I'm sure Linus imagined all sorts of things sitting out in the pumpkin patch however, and perhaps one of his flights of fancy looked something like this... The jack-o-lantern was modeled using Zbrush (though most of the details ended up getting glared out). The vines were modeled using e-on's wonderful Plant Factory.

"Visitation -- Happy Halloween 2015"

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7.63/10 rating (84 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

I love this, it's dark and evil and all about Halloween. It doesn't need to be scary, it's about Ryan's perspective. Awesome!


Tue December 8, 2015 at 11:09 pm
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Comments (15)

A Sincere Pumpkin Patch  -- Happy Halloween 2015

Special Halloween Night Version

This special tribute render will be up for the rest of Halloween night. Tomorrow it go back to the regular version (until next year)... I hope the Great Pumpkin will pick my pumpkin patch, but if not mine then I hope he visits yours soon. Happy Halloween! I created the vines and pumpkins in Plant Factory and rendered the scene using Vue d'Esprit 2015. The scene is intentionally dark and mysterious to put you in the POV of Linus sitting his vigil.

"A Sincere Pumpkin Patch -- Happy Halloween 2015"

8.15/10 rating (82 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Back to the regular version..."
"A Sincere Pumpkin Patch" is back to my original version. I may post the special render again 10/31/16!


Sun November 1, 2015 at 8:45 am
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Comments (33)

The Black Angel -- Happy Halloween 2014

The "Black Angel of Oakland Cemetary in Iowa City always freaked me out as a college student back in the 90s. As you can see from the photo above, I couldn't even look at it.

While the statue in Iowa was my main inspiration, I'm sure some of you will also think of Doctor Who when you see this render.

Either way I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!!

PS: Jessie took issue with my claiming the inspiration for this piece was the Black Angel in Iowa City. She correctly noted that our son Ian has been putting together a black angel costume for Halloween for the past month so he should get the credit. Thanks for the inspiration Ian!

"The Black Angel -- Happy Halloween 2014"

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Pickle Jar Versions

8.70/10 rating (146 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Next Level"
Incredible render! All your images are gorgeous, but I swear I could reach out and touch this one! Such an amazing job! Thank you!!

Thu November 27, 2014 at 7:27 pm
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Comments (58)

Invocation -- Happy Halloween 2013
I wanted to do something for Halloween that could be used at any time of the year so no Jack-o-Lanterns or black cats here.

"Invocation -- Happy Halloween 2013"

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Pickle Jar Versions

8.02/10 rating (118 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

I love anything that has magic, spells, etc. in it (like Pyre & Summoning) and I love all of the holiday themed work! But I especially love it when those two themes come together! These are awesome! Keep them coming!

(And perhaps you could find it in your heart to do something along those lines for Yule, as well, sir?) :)


Fri October 30, 2015 at 8:40 am
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Comments (77)

Sleepwalkers -- Halloween 2012
For my Halloween wallpaper this year I set out to create a creepier version of "Elegy" and mix in elements from "Forest of the Shades" and "Dark Wings". The title also refers back to one of my first Halloween wallpapers. I may still render another version of this one (the thumbnail looks a bit too dark to me) but I think it looks spooky enough to share as is.

Check out the rest of my Halloween wallpapers here.

"Sleepwalkers -- Halloween 2012"

Pickle Jar Versions

8.00/10 rating (168 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"No Sleepwalkers"
Love this picture. The setting sun in the background is great.


Thu October 29, 2015 at 12:32 pm
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Comments (59)

Dracul -- Halloween 2011
My Halloween offering for 2011. My first version was a bit understated so I ramped up the evil for v.2. A number of folks suggested that I make the castle look a bit older and in disrepair, but I was really going for a "Dracula in his prime" look here.


PS3 Dynamic Theme Available!

"Dracul -- Halloween 2011"

Pickle Jar Versions

8.66/10 rating (190 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

I adore that black and white version (bwcastledracula1). Reminds me (as I'm sure was intended) of the classic horror films. So very, very awesome! Definitely a favorite.


Fri October 30, 2015 at 8:51 am
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Comments (218)

The Haunted Nebula -- Halloween 2010
A fractal Halloween Planetscape. Dedicated to the father of fractal mathematics, Benoit Mandelbrot (1924-2010).

"The Haunted Nebula -- Halloween 2010"

Pickle Jar Versions

7.80/10 rating (261 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Love it!"
Great work! Love it


Sat October 31, 2015 at 6:05 pm
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