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 Shifting Sands (Night)  Dome of the Blue Seeress (Night)  Moonbeam Sea  Rolling Ridges (Night)  True North  Approaching Asgard (Night)  Cogito Ergo Sum  Slender Man (Happy Halloween)  Bones of the Earth (Glow)  Moon Worship  Halcyon (Glow)  Purple Rain (Sunset)  Lavender (Sunset)  Painted Canyon (Night)  Starlight Woods  The Sunshine Tree  Visitation (Happy Halloween!)  A Sincere Pumpkin Patch  Portals (Valley)  Valley of the Stars  Ring of Fire (Night)  The Promise of Spring  Moondance  Midnight Sun  Ringshine  Karesansui (Night)  Moonshadow  The Dreamer  The Green Flash  Endless Blue (Night)  Pot of Gold (Night)  Translucence  Perseverance  Morning Glory  Moonlit Oasis (Illume)  Starburst (Happy Independence Day!)  Starfall  Sakura (Night)  Arrakeen  Lucky Charm  Satori (Night)  Valinor  A New Constellation (Sandy Hook Tribute)  Tharsis  Nightfall  Year of the Dragon (Night)  Arboreal  Mistveil Mountain  Gotham  Red Sky at Morning  The Floating Garden (Twilight)  The Unveiling  Blue Christmas (Happy Holidays!)  Elegy (Winter/Day)  Elegy (Winter/Night)  Dracul -- Happy Halloween 2011  Heliocentric (Night)  Red Harbinger  Dodenfell  Highland Yule (Merry Christmas!)  Magi (Merry Christmas!)  Winter Solstice  Gotham Garden (Autumn)  Wintermoon  Tears From Heaven  Gotham Garden (Spring)  The Forest Citadel  The Ride  -- Merry Christmas!  Dark Wings -- Halloween 2009  Moonlit Oasis  Afterglow   Temple of the Leaf (Night)  Harbinger   First Moonlight  At World's Edge (Winter)  Song of the Sky (Yuletide) -- Christmas 2008  A New Playmate -- Halloween 2008  Pride   Moonlit Citadel  Cloud Terrace (Night)  Lone Tree  The Promise of Spring  Maya  Yuletide  -- Christmas  Song of the Sky   All Hallows Eve -- Halloween 2007  The Shrouded Desert  River Valley Dawn  Circumpolar  Biodome Sunset  Tropic of Capricorn   Snowy Creek Christmas -- Christmas 2006  Metropolis   Forest of the Shades -- Halloween 2006  Reverie  Serenade  Ring of Fire (Night)  Undiscovered (Night)  The Vault  Last Light of the Sun  Season of Light -- Christmas 2005  Midnight Trooper  -- Halloween 2005  Purple Mountains Majesty  Summerwood  The Watchtower (Night)  Endless Blue (Night)  Morning Glory   Idyll  Vigil  Sunspire by Night  Happy 4th  -- 4th of July 2004  Vespers  Sunset Cove  Arctica by Night  Eventide  The Ride -- Christmas 2003  Once Upon a Time (Twilight)  Conjunction  Children of the Night  Arboreal  Polaris  Blue Christmas  -- Christmas 2002  Dome of the Blue Seeress (Night)  Pharos by Night  Neopolis  Karesansui (Night)  Daybreak  Necropolis (Night)  Valley of the Sun   Tropic of Cancer  The Sleeping Forest  Last Gold  Symphony  Webmaster -- Halloween 2001  Tropical Moon of Thetis  Tropical Moon  Saguaro   First Rays  Temple Stairs by Night  Gotham Garden  Gotham   Sunset Fog  Harbinger  Arboretum (night)  Estuary  Yuletide -- Christmas 2000  December  City of the Dead -- Halloween 2000  Song of the Sky  Spire City by Night  Jove  Red Planet Sunrise  Two Ships Passing  Sentinels 2000  Avalon 2000  The Low Road  Blue Christmas -- Christmas 1999  Sierra by Moonlight  Gotham 1999  Equatorial  Cumulus  Thunderhead  Pacifica  Twilight Harbor  Sentinel 1999  Metropolis I-A  Overlook 1999  Tropic of Capricorn  Afterglow  Walnut Grove  Avalon by Night  City at Night II  Happy Fourth -- 4th of July 1999  Fireflies  Anseleqsue  Ascension  Broken Land  Cityland I  Curtain  Dragon's Teeth  The Fourth Day  Good Night Sun  Darklight Cove  Gotham  Irises  Morning Glory  Night of the Dragon  The Taken Field  Nocturne  Observatory  Castle Overlook  Red Sky at Night  Signal  Sleepwalker -- Halloween 1998  Trinity  Violets  Night Watchman -- Halloween 1998   Hallow -- Halloween 1998  Punkin -- Halloween 1998  Morning Star -- Christmas 1998  The Ride -- Christmas 1998 


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