Digital Blasphemy Sandbox Challenge 2015: Moonshadow 2015 by Brian J
Brian J:
Moonshadow 2015
1920 x 1018

Moonshadow 2015

Based on this render...

Software Used:

Created with vanilla Minecraft 1.8.7. Post processing in Photoshop. System: HP p6774y base - AMD Phenom II x4 840T 2.9GHz - 16GB Corsair - nVidia GeForce GTX 460 by Galaxy - Crucial 256GB SSD boot drive with 1TB data HDD - dual 23
Author's Comments:
I've loved participating in the DB Minecraft challenges before (last year was Phaeralon). Learned how to use the /fill command this time, which saved tons of time over the creation of my last image. Also, I took a Behind the Scenes shot of my setup for Moonshadow 2015.

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