Welcome to the Second Annual
Digital Blasphemy Minecraft Challenge!

Last year's Minecraft challenge was (IMO) a huge success. So much so that I thought I should make it a yearly event.

While first contest was held on Facebook primarily, I've decided to hold this year's challenge here on DB. Anyone can submit an entry using this form

The rules are pretty simple...

Browse through my gallery, pick an image, and recreate it using your copy of Minecraft! Send me a screenshot that looks as close to my original as possible.

The Grand Prize winner (chosen by my expert jury) will have their scene rendered by me (if possible) using all the tools at my disposal. They will receive a Zazzle print of the end result and have the render featured in my gallery (if I am able to create one).

Oh yeah, they will also receive a Lifetime Membership Gift Certificate. 2nd and 3rd place will receive Lifetime Memberships thanks to a generous donation from Laurie Neville!

The next 4 highest rated images will receive 1-year Memberships and 1 Honorable Mention will receive a 1 Month Gift Certificate. I am providing these prizes but folks are free to donate more (simply address a gift certificate to and include Minecraft Contest in the comments).

Here are the prizes, rules and instructions on how to submit your entry.

The Entry Period Is Now Over! Here are the winners!!

Maya 1920 x 1080
Author: Chad Starr

Added: 07/11/14

Arcana 1920 x 1080
Author: Evan Gardner

Added: 07/11/14

Phaeralon5640 1280 x 960
Author: Christopher Pohl

Added: 07/11/14

TheVault 1366 x 768
Author: Richard Wilkes

Added: 07/10/14

Necropolis (day) 1425 x 891
Author: Karl Ashton

Added: 07/09/14

Memorial (1999) 1600 x 900
Author: Joseph Barrett

Added: 07/08/14

Portals: A Perspective 1280 x 962
Author: Tyler Hohnstein

Added: 07/08/14

Quartet 1920 x 1080
Author: Kaylie North

Added: 07/05/14

Gotham Garden Winter 1920 x 1080
Author: Scott North

Added: 07/05/14

At Worlds End 1440 x 801
Author: Adam Stewart

Added: 07/03/14

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