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updated February 20, 2015 at 8:52 AM CST

"Art is never finished, only abandoned." -- Leonardo da Vinci


Ring of Fire

software: Vue d'Esprit 2015

first posted 05/23/15
last updated 05/23/15


software: Mandelbulb 3D

first posted 05/18/15
last updated 05/18/15


software: Vue 2015

first posted 05/016/15
last updated 05/16/15


software: Lightwave 11.5

first posted 04/25/15
last updated 04/28/15


software: Lightwave 11.6

first posted 04/17/15
last updated 04/19/15

Fire Made Flesh

software: Lightwave 11.6

first posted 04/05/15
last updated 04/05/15

Sonoran Spring

software: Vue 2014/The Plant Factory

first posted 03/30/15
last updated 03/30/15

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Green Fluorescence (Happy St. Patrick's Day!)

software: Lightwave 2014

first posted 3/10/15
last updated 03/10/15

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software: Vue 2014/Zbrush/Xfrog

first posted 3/5/15
last updated 03/05/15

The Promise of Spring

software: Vue 2014.6

first posted 2/17/15
last updated 02/17/15


software: Lightwave 11.6/Structure Synth

first posted 02/09/15
last updated 02/09/15


software: Lightwave 11.5/Structure Synth

first posted 02/06/15
last updated 02/06/15

Print Available


software: Vue d'Esprit 2014

first posted 01/30/15
last updated 01/30/15

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