Makai at 850 x 315↑

Ryan's Notes:

This is the second of a two render series that I started when we returned from our Blissful week in Maui.

While there I learned about the concept of makai and mauka. Makai means "towards the ocean" and mauka means "toward the mountains" and the words are used to tell folks which side of the road something is on. I could do a whole year of Hawaiian themed renders but the first two I wanted to attempt were a representation of the Makai/Mauka dichotomy.

The first image, "Mauka", looked towards the mountains and now this scene looks toward the ocean. I chose not to use palm trees here, but rather tried to represent the "Monkey Pod" trees which are non-indigenous but beautiful.

All in all I am pretty much in love with Hawaii. I will return to the subject later :-)

Dedicated to my lovely wife Jessica on her birthday!!

If you've enjoyed my work these past 20 odd years much of the credit goes to her.

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