Ornament at 480 x 800↑

Ryan's Notes:

I vividly remember back in 2001 showing one of Jessica's friends my (then) recent "Ornament" render. She told me it looked nice but the ornament itself was "kinda plain". For this update I used Plant Factory for the boughs AND to create the ornament itself. I used Lightwave to create a displacement texture for the ornament and that turned out to be the most time consuming part. I went through a LOT of different variations before I found one (a Flame Fractal) that I liked. Anyway I hope it looks more interesting now. It's still kinda plain but a good wallpaper doesn't need to be too flashy...

iOS users: Rest your finger on the image for a second save it to your device. Computer users Right-Click and "Set as Wallpaper"

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