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Most folks will choose the basic plan which provides you with unrestricted access to my entire collection.

People who really LOVE my work can sign up for the higher levels which award perks such as signed prints at the higher levels.

When you leave feedback your name will glow (see below) to mark your support level. Join at the higher levels and I will send you signed artwork as follows...

Lifetime Members

Access my entire collection! Members at all levels have access to each and every file in my collection AND will receive a signed Thank You postcard! Lifetime Members are welcome to upgrade to one of my upper level Memberships however, where they will receive the next higher size of print as my thanks!
Plus Member
In addition to access to my entire art collection, Plus Members will receive...
  • A signed Thank You postcard
  • A signed 4x6 print (mailed anywhere in the world). 5x7 for Lifetime Members
Donor Member
  • Top 5 listing+link on my Home Page and Gallery Pages
  • A signed Thank You postcard
  • A signed 5x7 print (mailed anywhere in the world). 8x10 for Lifetime Members.
  • Permanent listing on my Donors Page (optional)
  • A yearly holiday card from my family
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Guardian Member
  • Top 5 listing+link on my Home Page and Gallery Pages
  • Permanent listing on my Guardians Page (optional)
  • A signed Thank You postcard (mailed anywhere in the world)
  • A signed 16x20 print (mailed anywhere in the world). 32" print for Lifetime Members.
  • A yearly holiday card from my family
  • A large-sized hand-signed Digital Blasphemy Wall Calendar every year of your Guardianship.
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