What is the "Pickle Jar"?

New subscribers often write about how they have found the "Pickle Jar" to be an unexpected bonus. The Pickle Jar contains variations on the images featured in my gallery. The image I'm happiest with goes in the gallery and the extras go into the Pickle Jar. The variations usually fall into three different categories: time variations (day/night), color variations , and evolutionary variations.

The name "Pickle Jar" comes from my days working at a preschool during college. The kids would play "duck duck goose" and when one of them had to sit in the middle of the circle they were said to be "in the pickle jar". I thought it fitting when setting up a place for images that didn't fit in my gallery.

Througout the Members Gallery preview pages you'll find "Pickle Jar" links which will lead you to thumbnail versions of the files.

Here are some examples.

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