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"800 x 600"
Yeah, actually this one was made before I moved up to a 17 inch monitor. My first monitor was 14 incher which only went as high as 800 x 600.

There might be one or two others that are this size but incorrectly marked. Sorry for the confusion!

August 8, 2007

"Lying about your size? (tch!)"
The link says 1152x864, but the image is only 800x600 -- what gives?

August 7, 2007

"the weird reflection spots"
I really like this picture around the Halloween season when it is used on my computer at work. Get lots of great comments on it. Could it get cleaned up a little so the four weird reflection-like blurs (two above head and two where bones cross)disappear? On a 21" monitor they are very noticable. Thanks so much for putting out great pictures.

October 20, 2006

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